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2018 annual event of the global pulp market

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core tip: [China Packaging News] Brazil bleached broad-leaved pulp manufacturer Suzano (goldfish) confirmed the acquisition of fibria (parrot): it is reported that Brazil Bleached Eucalyptus broad-leaved pulp Suzano (goldfish) and

Event Review: it is reported, The controlling shareholders of Brazil Bleached Eucalyptus hardwood pulp Suzano (goldfish) and fibria (parrot) have agreed to merge, and Suzano will acquire all shares of fibria according to the agreement. It is understood that the output of fibria pulp is 7.25 million tons, Suzano pulp is 4.54 million tons (3.54 million tons of commercial pulp), and the combined goldfish parrot group has a production capacity of more than 10 million tons, with a value of 25.3 billion US dollars

according to the analysis, after the successful merger of goldfish and parrot pulp plant, it will form a Bleached Eucalyptus broad-leaved pulp production capacity of more than 11 million tons/year, ranking first in the world, and the industry concentration will be further improved

the strike of truck drivers in Brazil affects the production and transportation of local pulp and paper enterprises

Event Review: according to market news, in May 2018, the strike of truck drivers across Brazil has begun to affect the production and transportation of local pulp and paper enterprises. It is said that the main local broad-leaved pulp production enterprises, such as goldfish, white dragon, bird, parrot and krabin, have been affected to varying degrees. The pulp factory takes all measures to minimize the impact, but some pulp factories have been forced to shut down temporarily

according to the analysis, the strike of truck drivers in Brazil and the main broad-leaved pulp suppliers in Brazil were affected to varying degrees. The price of Chinese broad-leaved pulp stopped falling and rebounded in the last week of May 2018. According to the monitoring data of Zhuo Chuang information, the average monthly price of imported broad-leaved pulp in June 2018 was 5738/ton, up 0.33% month on month and 13.08% year on year

Ilim group plans to upgrade the production line of Bratsk factory

Event Review: according to the foreign language station, the Russian Ilim group plans to upgrade the paperboard and pulp production line of its Bratsk factory, with a total investment of US $700 million. The pulp production line is expected to be completed in November 2020. From 2021, the pulp output of Bratsk plant will reach 1.5 million tons/year, accounting for 50% of the total pulp output in the Russian market

according to the analysis, Ilim group is one of the top 10 enterprises of coniferous pulp in the world. The upgrading and transformation of its Bratsk plant is conducive to improving its market share in the global coniferous pulp market

rge's acquisition of lwarcel, a Brazilian pulp mill: on September 24, 2018, rge completed the acquisition of lwarcel Celulose pulp mill by lwart group. Lwarcel Celulose is a part of lwart group in Brazil. At present, there is a factory located in len çó is Paulista, Sao Paulo state, Brazil, with an annual output of 250000 tons of Bleached Eucalyptus pulp. The company plans to increase the total production capacity to 1.5 million tons in the future

according to the analysis, Jinying group has built large pulp mills in pangkalan Kerinci in Indonesia and Rizhao in China. The completion of the acquisition means that Jinying group's broad-leaved pulp production capacity continues to increase, while the Brazilian broad-leaved pulp market continues to integrate, and the overall concentration of the broad-leaved pulp industry further improves

CAMCE Belarus 400000 ton pulp mill 75% capacity test was successful

Event Review: at 8:00 a.m. on September 26, 2018, CAMCE Belarus 400000 ton pulp mill officially began 75% capacity test. All environmental protection indicators have met the national standards of Belarus. The 75% capacity test of the 400000 ton pulp mill project in Belarus has been completed at one time. The success of the 75% capacity test of the 400000 ton pulp mill project in Belarus marks the successful completion of the project construction and the conditions for handing over to the owner for commercial operation

according to the analysis, the production of 400000 ton pulp mill project in Belarus in the later stage will increase the supply of global coniferous pulp market, and Chinese enterprises can increase selectively

Mercer will acquire DMI pulp mill to expand its pulp business

Event Review: on October 3, 2018 New York time, Mercer International announced that it will acquire DMI (daishowa Marubeni International Ltd.) to expand its pulp business, which is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter

according to the analysis, Mason international has three coniferous pulp plants with a total capacity of 1.54 million tons; DMI has two pulp mills with a total capacity of 650000 tons. After the completion of the acquisition, Mason's market share in Canada will further increase, and its voice may be improved in terms of transactions in the Chinese market

paper excellence reached an agreement to purchase all shares of catalyst paper

Event Review: on October 9, 2018, catalyst paper announced that paper excellence Canada Holdings Corporation ("paper excellence") had signed an agreement with catalyst. According to the agreement, paper excellence had agreed to acquire all issued shares of the company

according to the analysis, paper excellence has five factories in Canada and two factories in France, with a pulp production capacity of more than 2 million tons. At the same time, it is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indonesia golden light group (APP). The agreement will make app more stable in the global pulp market

some pulp mills in Canada began maintenance due to natural gas pipeline explosion

Event Review: according to foreign media news, there was an explosion and fire in the natural gas pipeline of Prince gear, British Columbia on the evening of October 9, 2018, resulting in the closure of the main natural gas pipeline through British Columbia, affecting the natural gas supply in some parts of the United States and Canada, Affected by this, the Northwood and Prince George plants under canFor began maintenance on October 11, 2018, and the kamlops plant under Domtar reduced production

CSRC: approved the previous stock exchange to carry out pulp futures trading from November 26

Event Review: CSRC spokesman Chang depeng said on October 26, 2018 that the CSRC has officially approved the previous stock exchange to carry out pulp futures trading, and the contract is officially listed for trading on November 26, 2018. The trading time of pulp contract on November 7 is revised to November 27. 2018

analyze the limit protection device. The introduction of pulp futures gives market practitioners more trading modes, such as forward cash arbitrage, intertemporal arbitrage, basis trading, etc. On the whole, the listing of bleached needle pulp futures may increase the frequency of price fluctuation, which reflects the function of price discovery. At the same time, it will also affect the circulation of pulp in the market and add a hedging tool for practitioners. It is worth mentioning that the futures trading takes RMB as the settlement price to effectively avoid the risks of RMB exchange rate fluctuations on the spot cost of wood pulp, closed total power supply and cold water main valves and enterprise production costs

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