150 tons of vegetables donated by Wuhan Lingong gr

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In order to help Wuhan, the temporary Engineering Group donated 150 tons of vegetables and issued a

to help Wuhan. The temporary Engineering Group donated 150 tons of vegetables and issued a

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which is more important than Mount Tai. The epidemic situation is an order. In order to win the battle against the pneumonia epidemic, more and more enterprises began to organize spontaneously and gather strength to support Wuhan If the epidemic situation persists, we should take responsibility

on February 9, 150 tons of vegetables loaded with love from temporary work were transported overnight to Wuhan, the frontline of anti epidemic 800 kilometers away. They can provide seasonal vegetables for medical staff and patients in more than 20 hospitals, including Wuhan Red Cross Hospital, Wuhan Dongxihu District People's Hospital, fangcang hospital, Wuchang District Hospital and Huake logistics group

in the interdiction war of epidemic prevention and control, in addition to the need for a large number of medical protective equipment, domestic material support is also essential. At present, the epidemic situation of novel coronavirus pneumonia is very serious. Due to the continuous implementation of traffic control and strict home isolation measures, there are great difficulties in material transportation. With the joint efforts of all sectors of society, epidemic prevention materials are being continuously transported to Wuhan, but there is still a certain degree of shortage of local livelihood materials. The construction of the hospital also needs adequate material support

after learning the information that Wuhan shelter and other relevant hospitals were in urgent need of vegetable materials, Lingong group immediately set up a special group and acted quickly under the guidance of chairman WANGZHIZHONG. On the one hand, it spared no effort to find the source of goods and finally contacted the national famous vegetable base in Yinan, Linyi to ensure the quality of materials. On the other hand, it allocated vehicles in time and actively coordinated with relevant government departments to obtain access certificates and ensure the timeliness of transportation; At the same time, under the premise of strictly observing the epidemic prevention standards, they picked vegetables and drove to Wuhan overnight. During the whole transportation process, strict epidemic prevention and protection measures have been taken to ensure the safety of materials and personnel. Measurement is one of the advantages of rubber fatigue testing machine

as an enterprise with the mission of practicing social welfare, Lingong group shoulders a strong sense of society. In this battle against the virus and death, the Lingong group worked with one heart and one will to take on the responsibility, and delivered the urgently needed materials to the front line at an accelerated speed. The donation is not only materials, but also the love of the people in the disaster area

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since the outbreak, the temporary group has organized dealers nationwide to support the construction of hospitals. From Wuhan, Xi'an, Henan, Anhui national copper, lead, zinc and products quality supervision and inspection center to Guizhou, there are temporary equipment and staff everywhere. At the same time, a command group has been established to fight the outbreak, providing support for the nationwide demand for excavators, loaders For the Epidemic Prevention Hospital under construction of road roller equipment and construction personnel, the temporary group will provide equipment and construction personnel free of charge to support the construction and tide over the difficulties. With all the donations and love vegetables, the temporary group has been taking action to fight the "epidemic" with the people of the whole country

the vegetable distribution points donated this time:

1, Wuhan Red Cross Hospital

2, Wuhan Dongxihu District People's Hospital

3, Huake Logistics Group (responsible for 16 hospitals)

4, yanyangtian catering company (responsible for 2 square cabin hospitals)

5, Wuchang District Catering Association (about 10 small and medium-sized catering enterprises, providing meals to hospitals in Wuchang District)

Overcoming difficulties together

we have been taking action

to fight the "epidemic" with the people of the whole country

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