Light industry adjustment and revitalization plan

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Light industry adjustment and revitalization plan (Part 2)

(VI) promoting orderly industrial transfer

1. In combination with the optimization of regional layout, regions with resource advantages and other conditions are encouraged to fully summarize and learn from the development experience of industrial clusters, improve the construction conditions and business environment, actively undertake the industrial transfer of connecting them with the engine lubricating oil system and ammonia system respectively, and strive to cultivate and develop light industry characteristic regions and industrial clusters

2. Promote industrial transfer according to industry characteristics and development requirements. We will promote the R & D, manufacturing and distribution of key products in the household appliance industry such as refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines, and gradually transfer them from the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai rim to the regions with conditions in the region and the central and western regions; We will guide the eastern coastal areas where leather and shoe-making industries are concentrated to use their advantages to focus on R & D, design and trade, and transfer production and processing to areas with resource advantages; Promote the transfer of ceramic and fermentation industries to regions with raw material advantages and rich energy

at the same time, environmental protection laws and regulations should be strictly observed in the process of industrial transfer to prevent industrial transfer from becoming pollution transfer

(VII) improve product quality

1. Establish a product quality and safety guarantee mechanism. First, we will earnestly implement the product quality law of the people's Republic of China, strictly enforce the market access system and the product quality supervision and random inspection system, accelerate the establishment of quality and safety risk monitoring, early warning, information notification, rapid disposal and product traceability, recall and delisting systems, and severely punish enterprises violating quality laws and regulations. Second, implement the main body of the enterprise for product quality and safety, strictly implement product quality standards, comprehensively strengthen quality management, control product quality from raw material procurement, production and processing, factory inspection and other links, and ensure that product quality meets the standard requirements. Third, establish a standardized enterprise quality credit evaluation system and product quality credit record release system, and strengthen industry self-discipline. Fourth, improve the national product quality testing technology service platform and improve the level of testing equipment

2. Accelerate the formulation and revision of industry standards. 450 new industrial standards for food additives, meat products, wine making, dairy products, beverages, furniture and decoration materials were formulated, including 70 national standards for food additives and 150 national standards for furniture and decoration materials. Revise 550 standards for plastics, hardware, leather, washing products, beverages and other industries with a standard age of more than 5 years. We will improve the safety standards, basic general standards, key product standards and testing method standards for key industries such as household appliances, papermaking, plastics, lighting appliances, hardware and leather. Formulate and revise standards for resource conservation and environmental protection, such as plastic degradation, pulp and paper, leather tanning, battery recycling, and improve the corresponding technical standard system

(VIII) strengthen the enterprise's own management

strengthen legal publicity, strengthen enterprise self-discipline, comprehensively improve enterprise quality, and enhance enterprise awareness of law-abiding operation and social sense. Deepen enterprise reform, accelerate the construction of modern enterprise system, improve corporate governance structure, and improve the scientificity of enterprise management. Establish a modern management concept, strengthen enterprise management, improve the level of business decision-making, product design, resource allocation, product production, quality management and market development, enhance the ability to respond quickly to market demand, strive to develop marketable products, and improve efficiency through management. Attach importance to talent training, improve the quality of employees, and reasonably allocate human resources

(IX) effectively eliminate backward production capacity

establish an industrial exit mechanism, define the elimination standards, quantify the elimination indicators, and increase the elimination efforts. We will strive to eliminate a number of backward production capacity with backward technology and equipment, high resource and energy consumption, and environmental protection standards within three years. The paper industry will focus on eliminating straw pulp production units with an annual output of less than 34000 tons and chemical pulp production lines with an annual output of less than 17000 tons, and closing down paper mills with substandard emissions and an annual output of less than 10000 tons using waste paper as raw materials. The food industry will focus on eliminating the production processes and devices of alcohol and monosodium glutamate with an annual output of less than 30000 tons. The leather industry will focus on eliminating production lines with an annual processing capacity of less than 30000 standard sheets. The household appliance industry will focus on eliminating the production capacity of refrigerators, freezers, automobile air conditioners and low energy efficiency products using chlorofluorocarbons as blowing agents or refrigerants. The battery industry will focus on eliminating cylindrical alkaline manganese batteries with mercury content higher than 1ppm and button alkaline manganese batteries with mercury content higher than 5ppm. We will accelerate the replacement of energy-saving lamps and eliminate the production capacity of 600million incandescent lamps

IV. policies and measures

(I) further expand the types of subsidies for home appliances to the countryside. According to the wishes of farmers and the requirements of industry development, microwave ovens and electromagnetic ovens will be included in the subsidies for home appliances to the countryside, and the restriction that each household can only buy one set of each type of product will be relaxed to two sets. The central government has increased its support for ethnic minority areas and earthquake stricken areas

(II) increase the export tax rebate rate of some light industrial products. We will further increase the export tax rebate rate for some light industrial products that do not belong to the "two high" and "one capital" industries, accelerate the progress of export tax rebate, and ensure timely and full tax rebate

(III) adjust the catalogue of processing trade. We will continue to ban the processing trade of products with high income, high income and one capital. The prohibition of processing trade shall be abolished for products that meet the requirements of the national industrial policies and macro-control and are not high energy consuming and high polluting. For some labor-intensive products and products with high technical content and environmental protection and energy conservation, the restrictions on processing trade will be lifted. Processing trade is allowed for products that use all imported resources and have low pollution and energy consumption in the production process

(IV) solve the problem of collection and storage of agricultural products. Further expand national sugar reserves. Local governments are encouraged to take such measures as discount interest on working capital loans to support enterprises to collect and store pulp, paper, concentrated apple juice and other agricultural products, so as to alleviate the poor sales and serious backlog of products

(V) strengthen technological innovation and transformation. Support the localization of key equipment, innovation and industrialization of key technologies, support the improvement of technical equipment in key industries, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, strengthen food processing safety, and build independent brands

(VI) increase financial support. Implement the opinions of the general office of the State Council on current financial promotion of economic development (GBF [2008] No. 126) as soon as possible, encourage financial institutions to increase credit support for light industrial enterprises, provide credit support to some enterprises with good fundamentals, obvious employment promotion, good credit records but temporary operating difficulties, and allow the appropriate extension of matured loans; Simplify the procedures and procedures for the tax authorities to examine and verify the write off of bad debts of financial institutions, and make full provision for loss reserves before tax for loans to small and medium-sized enterprises; Support qualified enterprises to issue corporate bonds, corporate bonds, SME collective bonds, short-term financing bills, etc., and expand enterprise financing channels; The central and local governments should increase their support for credit guarantee institutions for small and medium-sized enterprises that have adopted a variety of carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites and standardized management, and encourage guarantee institutions to provide credit guarantee and financing services for small and medium-sized light industrial enterprises; We will use financial instruments such as export credit and export credit insurance to help light industrial enterprises facilitate trade financing and prevent international trade risks. Insurance companies are encouraged to carry out product quality insurance and export credit insurance to provide risk protection for light industrial enterprises. We will establish and improve a centralized and interconnected Registration Center for chattel and rights guarantee, simplify registration procedures, reduce registration fees, and implement the security interests of creditors

(VII) vigorously support small and medium-sized enterprises. The existing special funds (funds) to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises are inclined to light industrial enterprises, and the central foreign trade development fund increases its support for qualified light industrial enterprises to consolidate and develop foreign markets; In accordance with relevant regulations, policies such as delaying the payment of social insurance premiums or reducing relevant social insurance premiums shall be implemented for small and medium-sized light industrial enterprises

(VIII) strengthen industrial policy guidance. As soon as possible, research and formulate industrial policies and access conditions for fermentation, grain and oil, leather, batteries, lighting appliances, daily-use glass, agricultural film and other industries, so that 3D printed PEKK materials can be used in aerospace and industrial utilization for the first time, study and improve the exit mechanism of heavy polluting enterprises and backward production capacity, and timely adjust the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment and the Guiding Catalogue for foreign investment industries. Environmental protection, land, credit, industrial and commercial registration and other relevant policies should be linked and coordinated with industrial policies to fully reflect the regulatory role of ownership pressure

(IX) encourage mergers and acquisitions and eliminate backward enterprises. Earnestly implement the policies on merger and reorganization, and provide support in the aspects of working capital, debt verification, employee resettlement, etc; Give priority support to the implementation of technological innovation and technological transformation of merger and reorganization enterprises. Governments at all levels should step up efforts to eliminate backward production capacity in key industries of light industry, solve problems such as the placement of workers, the transfer of enterprises to other industries and the resolution of debts, and promote social harmony and stability

(x) give full play to the role of trade associations. Give full play to the role of industry associations in industrial development, technological progress, standard setting, trade promotion, industry access and public services. Establish an information platform for light industry economic operation, prediction and early warning, timely reflect the industry situation and problems, guide enterprises to implement industrial policies, and strengthen industry self-discipline

v. implementation of the plan

relevant departments of the State Council shall, in accordance with the division of labor in the plan, formulate and improve relevant policies and measures as soon as possible, strengthen communication and close cooperation to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan. The post evaluation of the plan shall be carried out in due time, and the evaluation opinions shall be put forward in time

all regions shall, in accordance with the objectives, tasks, policies and measures set out in the plan and in combination with local conditions, promptly formulate specific implementation plans to ensure practical results. The specific work plan and new situations and problems arising in the implementation process shall be promptly submitted to the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other relevant departments. (end)


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