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China has entered the personnel surplus period, and its national economy is also booming, which has led to the light of the door and window industry. One engaged in Guangdong screen window The old man who had been working for more than 30 years recalled, "at that time, there was no need to worry about the goods in our factory."

now, faced with multiple pressures such as the loss of personnel surplus, the intensification of competition, the increase of capital, the decline of profits, and so on, traditional companies are now overwhelmed, and the transformation and promotion of Guangdong screen operation is urgently needed. Under the influence of Internet +, how to use the Internet for transformation and promotion is also a question worthy of consideration for the company. So, how should Guangdong screen company carry out transformation and promotion

first, blindly seek low cost, it is better to suggest environmental protection

since the reform and opening up, as an "international factory", low cost advantage has always been a powerful weapon for Chinese products to compete in international markets. However, with the increase of land cost, raw material cost, power cost, environmental protection cost, talent cost, labor cost, capital cost, intellectual property cost, logistics cost, trading cost and other costs, China's economy has quietly entered the era of high cost. Of course, this has brought countless challenges to the screen industry in Guangdong

at the beginning of this year, the state implemented a new environmental protection policy. As the younger generation becomes the main force of spending, the needs of shopping malls also change, Guangdong screen Industrial linkages are becoming increasingly necessary. For many door and window companies, they may face a crisis of life and death. Instead of blindly seeking low cost, they might as well take the initiative to meet the needs of shopping malls

second, stop echoing the voice and play the flag of your own brand

modern people's material life and energy and cultural level are constantly advancing. Furniture plays a decorative role and bears the responsibility of family aesthetic level while carrying the basic application function. We pay more attention to the planning concept and characteristics of a piece of furniture, and the hot money on the street has become unpopular. Therefore, in the past, some door and window companies that were good at copying have gradually lost their foothold in shopping malls

it may be difficult to lead to first-line brands, but it is not a long-term solution to be satisfied with the petty profits brought by copying. Door and window companies might as well find another way to invent their own unique characteristics and become a popular niche brand, which is also a good choice

Third, cultivate Internet thinking and advance corporate effectiveness

a new round of global technological revolution has been launched in the field of mobile Internet. Mobile Internet has brought revolutionary impact and impact on human production and lifestyle, and has brought subversive impact and impact on almost all operations, especially traditional operations, such as commerce, media, communications, taxis, finance, etc

for door and window companies, how to keep up with the pace of the times, use the Internet to carry out transformation and promotion, improve their own effectiveness ability and level, and bring customers a very good user understanding will be a necessary step in the overall environment. Thinking, perspective, new production and management methods are all for the new challenge of habits

with the advancement of our living standards and cultural level, China is entering the era of aging personnel. Door and window products do not need to be produced, but can be sold after all. Adhering to the traditional operation and sale method will be gradually selected in future shopping malls. Therefore, for the operation of doors and windows, it is very important to think about how to stand out from the understanding of health and environmental protection, brand quality and effectiveness in the future




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