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Since the opening of the Rio Olympic Games, we have won the favor of the emperor's door and window. We have been exposed to rain and dew in Netease's "champion's home" and sent gold medals to our Olympic champions. Just think about it, I can't help being excited

since the opening of the Rio Olympic Games,

has won the favor of the emperor's doors and windows.

in Netease's "champion's home", rain and dew are all wet.

send gold medals to our Olympic champions.

think about it according to the excited mood

wonderful events, the spirit of continuous progress, the playing of the national anthem,

exciting Olympic activities of the emperor's doors and windows

are you ready

National Olympics, national Carnival

from August 8 to 28, the emperor's "gift and appointment" benefits came hot, opening the national Carnival mode

in August, during the Rio Olympic Games, the "emperor's gift and appointment benefits" reward activity held by Emperor's doors and windows and Netease's "champion's home" was grandly launched. During this period, the three champions are waiting for you to win. You can get generous benefits. You can get tailor-made Huangpai value-added services for all consumption, and you can get 1000 yuan worth of regular price product coupons! In order to sincerely thank the trust and support of new and old users, Huangpai sincerely creates a variety of high-quality door and window products, and works with Netease to customize 16 exclusive gold medal Carnival raffle, buy Huangpai, win gold medals, and more screams and gifts to agree with you

pilot doors and windows, blow the Olympic marketing rally number

from the time when Emperor's doors and windows decided to join hands with Netease to build a "champion home" for Chinese athletes in Rio, Brazil, the rules of Olympic marketing in the door and window industry are being rewritten. In addition to the Olympic promotion model played by traditional door and window enterprises, the unique integrated marketing model of the "Internet +" era represented by mobile media will be displayed in the door and window industry for the first time. On the occasion of the opening of the Rio Olympic Games, various sports competitions are in full swing. The "champion's home" jointly built by Huangpai doors and windows, Muse bedding, boss appliances and other champion enterprises in the Pan home furnishing industry also welcomed the shining visits of champions such as Zhang Mengxue, Wu Minxia, long Qingquan, and set off a new round of climax of Olympic marketing in 2016

Huangpai door and window stores are ready to go.

with the launch of Netease's "champion's home" project, relevant theme reports have been released and disseminated on major platform media, covering hundreds of millions of consumers nationwide who pay attention to the Olympic Games. China's Pan home furnishing enterprises represented by Huangpai doors and windows took the opportunity to go to the international market. At the same time, they also took advantage of the opportunity of the Olympic "champion's home" to integrate relevant domestic marketing resources and began a promotional feast for the Pan home furnishing industry

Huangpai doors and windows will give exclusive gold medals to Zhang Mengxue, the first gold medal of Rio Olympic Games. The champion is the "champion gold medal". This Olympic Games is really awesome

it is understood that the national flagship store of Huangpai doors and windows and the national linkage will create a carnival of customized system doors and windows for high-end door and window lovers! All customers who enter the store during the event will receive 1000 yuan of regular price product coupons, and a number of products will be offered in limited quantities. Among them, dream Dubai, Aegean coast and Cambridge time are the latest product series launched by Royal doors and windows in 2016, using international top technology and design concepts. At the same time, in order to help the Chinese Olympic Games and cheer for the champions, Huangpai also selected three champion products to build an Olympic "champions' home" and sold them to consumers, so that everyone can witness the quality of champions

champion No. 1: New Paris fashion monomer casement window

champion No. 2: Dream Dubai outdoor two track sliding window

champion No. 3: Hong Kong style two track sliding door

since the advent of emperor style doors and windows, its characteristics of safety, firmness, practicality and convenience, as well as excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, wind proof and waterproof performance have been deeply recognized and sought after by the majority of consumers, and its products have also been widely used in door and window associations, industry media And building materials exhibition won various honors and certifications

as a grand Olympic promotional activity, gold medals are certainly essential. Huangpai doors and windows joined hands with Netease to gather Chinese Olympic champions at the "champion's home" to talk about their journey, taste their hometown cuisine, and present the exclusive champion gold medal of Huangpai made of pure gold. In order to thank the vast number of "emperor fans" for their enthusiastic support, another 16 exclusive gold medals were customized as prizes for users participating in the event to participate in the carnival lottery

Olympic new era, cheer for Chinese brands

the quadrennial Olympic Games is not only a carnival for sports fans, but also an arena for Chinese brands to go global. According to the actual effect of Olympic marketing cases of domestic and foreign brands, Olympic advertising is a necessary strategy to seize the world influence. If Chinese brands want to change everyone's prejudice and conquer the world with quality, they must take advantage of the general trend of Olympic marketing

the Olympic Games is not only a sports meeting, but also a spirit. To take advantage of the general trend of the Olympic Games, both brands and media need to think about how to turn the Olympic spirit into an element or medium that can interact and communicate with consumers, not only thinking about the on-site behavior, but also thinking about how to enter people's life scenes, and how to implant the "Olympic spirit" and "Sports" scenes into consumers' lives

the new era and the new Olympics provide more marketing opportunities for Chinese brands to enter the international market. At the same time, it also enables more consumers to redefine made in China and prove to the world that made in China is also very high-end! Because in the final analysis, the competition in the manufacturing industry is the competition of quality. As Mr. zhufuqing, chairman of Huangpai doors and windows, said, "the competition itself is to compete with ourselves. There is no competition between our peers or with laymen. The point of competition is that no matter how you do marketing and brand promotion, the most important thing is to do a good job in the products. It is necessary to do a good job in the products, and the product quality must be the guarantee and foundation of the brand."





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