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The light green color is pure and fresh, and the style and atmosphere as warm as spring bring people a very comfortable physical and mental feeling. Living in such a quiet and elegant idyllic home and relaxing, it is really leisurely and comfortable. Now let's take you to enjoy the rural style decoration renderings of Qingcheng Yipin owner's home with two bedrooms and two halls

style analysis: rural style refers to a way of decoration with building materials with "rural" style. Simply put, it is a work or school that takes the unique natural characteristics of fields and gardens as the formal means, has a certain degree of rural life or rural art characteristics, and shows the content of natural leisure

decoration files:

decoration community: Qingcheng Yipin (more decoration renderings of Qingcheng Yipin community) decoration company: Yi Jiaxin decoration house type: two bedrooms and two halls decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: pastoral style contract amount: 100000

white wood veneered ceiling, light green paint painted background wall, light colored floor, simple hard decoration presents the beauty of pastoral style, fresh and natural, The exquisite chandeliers hanging on the ceiling, the gold frame decorative paintings hanging on the background wall, the fabric sofa with elegant colors, and the brown solid wood tea table have played a role in enriching the space. The bright red European style single sofa placed next to the tea table has become the highlight of this home decoration picture, and the gorgeous colors light up the whole space and add vitality to life

the open pattern makes the two functional areas of the guest restaurant form an integration, which broadens the vision and makes the space look more spacious. The brown solid wood dining chair in the picture is elegant in shape and simple in texture, which not only has the natural simplicity of pastoral style, but also shows the dignity and elegance of classical European style. The mixed design brings people a different kind of beauty. The bouquet on the round glass tea table creates a warm and romantic atmosphere and improves the mood of life

the warm and soft colors render the warm atmosphere of the bedroom. The overall feeling is really romantic and full of youthful and lovely atmosphere. The white elegant double bed and other supporting furniture in the picture, together with broken flower bedding, broken flower chairs and red lattice window curtains, have created a very comfortable girl's room with Korean pastoral decoration design, which exudes a graceful temperament, which is really wonderful

[introduction to Qingcheng Yipin community] located on the extension line of the first construction road of Qingshan Friendship Avenue, it is an excellent boutique project vigorously developed by Yinyan Economic Development Co., Ltd. The total area of the project is about 32734.95 square meters, and the total construction area is about 78563 square meters. The whole project includes commercial and residential parts. Jianyi South Road, with mature supporting facilities, has a strong flavor of life. Out of print small high-rise, 17% of households are shared, with a high occupancy rate, and there are 88-102 square meters of n+1 innovative smart house types

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