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Beds are indispensable in the home. A set of comfortable and exquisite beds can bring better sleep to the householder. There are many materials for bed in the market, among which solid wood beds are very popular. What are the top ten brands of solid wood beds? The following Xiaobian will recommend some top ten brands of solid wood beds to you. Let's have a look

ten famous brands of solid wood beds

brand recommendation I. Federal furniture

Federal furniture is a modern enterprise mainly engaged in the production and sales of medium and high-end solid wood furniture. After more than 30 years of efforts, it has become a leader in the furniture industry and is known as the evergreen tree of the development of China's private enterprises

brand recommendation II. Huafeng furniture

Huafeng furniture is a famous trademark in Liaoning Province, which is a comprehensive enterprise mainly producing office furniture, bedroom furniture and other products. It is one of the solid wood furniture brands in China. Its product styles are diverse and deeply loved by consumers

brand recommendation III. Huari home

Huari home is a well-known brand in the furniture industry. It has thousands of design patented products and is exported to many cities and regions at home and abroad. Its low-carbon and environmental friendly products give housekeepers a warm and comfortable home environment, which has been recognized and pursued by many

brand recommendation 4. Bright furniture

bright furniture was founded in 1985. After years of efforts, it has six major furniture production bases in the country. Its furniture products are made of imported high-quality materials, which are both environmentally friendly and practical. It is the preferred brand for medium and high-end users

brand recommendation v. double leaf furniture

double leaf furniture is a modern large-scale enterprise with advanced equipment and unique technology. It has produced more than 300 household varieties, and has obtained more than 200 national product design and utility model patents, which are exported to South Korea, Russia, Japan, Canada and other places

brand recommendation VI. Qumei home

Qumei home is the first listed modern furniture enterprise in China. It is a well-known brand in the wood furniture industry. Since its inception, it has adhered to original design and has become the most modern furniture brand with a sense of design in China with simple and fashionable furniture products

brand recommendation VII. Ximengbao

ximengbao is a brand of Xiyingmen furniture company. Founded in Xiamen in 1988, it mainly produces children's solid wood furniture products. Its humanized design and environmental friendly solid wood materials are the first choice for children's solid wood furniture

brand recommendation VIII. Temple of heaven furniture

Temple of heaven furniture is a brand under Beijing Jinyu asset management company. Its furniture products cover solid wood, mattresses, metals and sofas. It is an enterprise with a wide range of products in the industry. With excellent environmental protection products and considerate services, it has won the unanimous praise of the majority of users

brand recommendation IX. Nanyang Hu

Nanyang Hu is a high-end furniture manufacturer. Its products are strictly selected, green, healthy and environmental friendly. It has six core series of products, and has become one of the top ten famous brand products of solid wood furniture

brand recommendation 10. Qingdao Yimu

Qingdao Yimu was founded in Shandong in 1953. It produces medium and high-end furniture products. It has become a time-honored brand in China. It has won various awards and honors issued by the state for many times, and has been famous in China's furniture industry for many years

editor's summary: the above is about the top ten famous brands of solid wood beds and the relevant contents recommended by solid wood bed brands. Solid wood beds will be superior to other materials in terms of quality and environmental protection, so it is better to choose solid wood beds for environmental protection and health, and I hope it will be helpful to you





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