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Recently, the price of raw materials has soared again, including aluminum ingots, glass, cartons, adhesives, PVC and plastics... This time, the price rise of raw materials exceeded expectations, making many manufacturing enterprises even worse

recently, an adapted version of the Yellow River Chorus has been circulated in the circle of friends:


copper is roaring, aluminum is barking,

glass is roaring,

the price of PVC is extremely high,

the price of plastic powder is swishing!

the early quotation has been invalid,

we can't think of the rise,

there is no regret medicine in the market,

the price has been completely disordered!!!


China, as the world's largest aluminum producer, has actively responded to the central supply side reform call this year and has initiated the policy of shutting down illegal production capacity. Hongqiao confirmed that it has shut down 2.68 million tons of illegal production capacity, equivalent to 4.5% of last year's global output. Weiqiao and Xinfa have shut down 3.21 million tons of illegal production capacity. This capacity reduction measure must have a significant impact on the supply side. Since August, aluminum ingots have risen from about 14400 to 16600, an increase of 13%

glass is also due to rising raw material prices and increased production costs. Since May, the price of soda ash, the main raw material, has continued to rise. By the end of this month, the mainstream price of heavy soda has risen to 1840 yuan/ton, with a cumulative increase of 240 yuan/ton. Compared with the same period last year, the price of soda ash in mid August 2016 was about 1380 yuan/ton. Whether from the perspective of short-term or medium and long-term cost comparison, the raw material cost of glass enterprises increased by 48-80 yuan/ton

small and medium-sized manufacturing industries are disappearing in batches

the deadline for the first batch of upgrading restrictions issued by the new minister of environmental protection Li Ganjie is only one month away. This month, a total of 16 institutions of the Ministry of environmental protection issued the action plan for the comprehensive treatment of air pollution in autumn and winter 2017-2018 in Beijing Tianjin Hebei and surrounding areas. At the same time, the fourth batch of eight Central environmental protection supervision teams are also in-depth investigation and supervision on the front line

before the end of September 2017, all enterprises that cannot upgrade and meet the emission standards will be closed

according to public media reports, profile extrusion plants, glass plants, hardware plants, spraying plants, plastic plants, ceramics plants, electroplating plants, bathroom cabinet plants, shower room plants, and bathroom hardware plants in 34 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions will all be "inspected", and none will be spared. Nearly 3000 plate mills in Wen'an County, Langfang City, Hebei Province have been notified to shut down, which will directly affect the domestic plate market and employment opportunities, affecting about 10000 employees

many insiders also confirmed that a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturing industries are dying in batches from north to south

it is understood that, except for the upstream and downstream enterprises of doors and windows, the plastic, chemical, hardware, glass, wood and other industries are experiencing the same pain, and relevant enterprises are either raising prices, or stopping production, or closing factories. Almost any industrial concentration area found by the environmental protection supervision team will automatically bring a surge in prices

will the price rise tide intensify in the second half of the year

what crises will we face

Ordos raw coal rose by 30 yuan in three days

insiders agreed that the coal price in Ordos will continue to lead the rise in the future. By 15 p.m. on June 16, Ordos raw coal rose by 30 yuan in three days, pulverized coal rose by 20 yuan, and lump coal soared to 50 yuan. The price of Yitai port 5100 card of Yitai No. 4 rises by 40 yuan in four days, and the coal price of coal mine rises almost every day

now, the national environmental protection supervision team has entered Erdos. The coal mines in Erdos are strictly self disciplined in production management and dare not go beyond the minefield. Due to the restriction of coal management tickets, several large mines have stopped production. The current situation of the industry is that those who have coal tickets win the world. Yongli coal mine, Hetai coal mine and other coal mines are about to stop production. The specific information is subject to the official release. In July and August, the coal production capacity of Ordos will continue to decline, and the coal price cannot fall

the futures price of Zheng coal index rose from the lowest 285.8 yuan per ton in January 2016 to 608 yuan (the highest to 669.4 yuan) now (as of the evening of August 10, the same below), an increase of 112.7%; Coking coal rose from 515.5 yuan to 1350.5 yuan (up to 1650.5 yuan), an increase of 162.0%

"black series" soared, and prices rose again

from June 23, the "black series" suddenly soared, and there were waves of rising prices. Rebar 1710 rose linearly from 3037 yuan/ton on June 23 to 3413 yuan/ton on July 3. In just a few days, the price soared by 376 yuan, or more than 11%. The black series continued to rise, with iron ore, rebar and coke rising by more than 3%, and many varieties refreshing the high level at the stage

the futures price of rebar index rose from the lowest 1616 yuan per ton in December 2015 (about 200 yuan lower than the actual market transaction price) to 4053 yuan per ton now (also about 200 yuan lower than the actual market transaction price), up 150.8%; Similarly, the price of hot coil has risen from 1683 yuan to 4121 yuan, an increase of 144.9%. During the same period, iron ore rose from the lowest 282.5 yuan to the current 593 yuan (the highest 726.5 yuan), an increase of 109.9%

paperboard raw materials rose by more than 20%! The carton factory lost 100000 yuan a month

the price rise of waste paper base paper in recent months has been wave after wave. In the off-season of sluggish demand, the price of corrugated paper has increased by more than 20% from about 2800 yuan/ton in April to about 3450 yuan/ton at the end of June. The recent rise in paper prices is mainly related to the rise in international pulp prices. Last year, international pulp was only $340 a ton, but now it is $1000 a ton, an increase of nearly 200%

according to incomplete statistics, since April, more than 50 base paper mills across the country have issued price increase letters, with a maximum increase of 300 yuan per ton! As a result, cardboard and carton factories can't resist the pressure, and can only follow the price increase, ranging from 5% to 12%. The range of price increases covers Jiangsu, Guangdong, Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Fujian, Henan and other places. At present, both large and small factories have canceled the previous special offers, and began to gradually transfer the cost pressure that can't be digested by themselves

from July, the price of stone materials will rise by 20%-35%

in May, large-scale environmental protection renovation, business suspension for rectification, shutdown and greening will be carried out nonstop. In Fujian Province, Gutian, Longyan, Putian, Nan'an and other cities have not been spared, and the "stone industry base" integrating Shuitou, Guanqiao and Shijing is even more jittery. Under such a big environment, the number of stones is also decreasing. Now, with the restrictions of mining and the closure of mines, the variety and quantity of stone materials are bound to plummet. When the market demand increases and the supply exceeds the demand, the price of stone materials is bound to rise! It is preliminarily estimated that the stone price will rise by 20% - 35%

cement enterprises set off a wave of price increases

recently, more than 20 cement enterprises collectively issued price increase letters. The price increase, which covers 13 cities in Sichuan Province, Guangdong Province and Chongqing, is a large-scale price increase this year. In particular, Sichuan Province just raised the price by 50 yuan/ton in June, and this time raised the price by 60 yuan/ton. The price has increased twice in 30 days, and the increase has exceeded 100 yuan/ton. In order to stabilize the market price, coupled with the suspension of kilns and limited production from June to August, major cement enterprises in Guangdong have deliberately raised the cement price since the middle and late June to promote stability. From July 6, in northern Guangdong, western Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta, conch, China Resources, Taiwan cement, Sinoma, Everbright, Hongfeng, Qingzhou and other major cement enterprises have successively issued notices to raise the high standards of 42.5 and 52.5 grades of loose mud by 10 yuan/ton. On the whole, there is still continuous rainfall in Guangdong Province, but the rising water levels of the Beijiang and Xijiang rivers have reduced the amount of foreign cement, which is also the reason for local enterprises to take the opportunity to raise prices

pvc increased by 71.4% in half a year.

pvc, up from the lowest 4425 yuan per ton at the end of November 2016 to the current 7585 yuan (up to 7925 yuan), an increase of 71.4%. PP (polypropylene): from the lowest 5370 yuan per ton at the end of November 2015, it has risen to the current 8810 yuan (up to 9826 yuan), an increase of 64.1%. Methanol: from the lowest 1639 yuan per ton at the end of December 2015, it has risen to 2667 yuan (up to 3117 yuan), an increase of 62.7%

buy windows and doors as soon as possible this year, and the price will definitely rise in the second half of the year.

"the price rise in the door and window industry in the second half of the year has become inevitable." A door and window owner who has been involved in the door and window industry for more than ten years said, "In the first half of the year, the increase of aluminum alloy profiles was not too large. The price of profiles increased, but the price of finished doors and windows has not increased. The increase of raw materials is digested by the manufacturers of finished doors and windows, but now it is no longer possible. The increase of aluminum ingots in a month is more than 2000 yuan a ton, and the cost per square meter is increased by nearly 30 to 40 yuan. Moreover, it is not just the rise of profiles, such as glass, glass glue, hardware and packaging, which are rising. If the finished products do not rise, there is only a fall Shut up "

the source revealed that the original inventory materials of the factory have been exhausted, and now aluminum ingots are priced one day. The cost of finished doors and windows increased by at least 10%, and the only profit was lost. According to experts' prediction, there is still room for aluminum ingots to rise, which is likely to reach 18000 or even higher. It is not really difficult to predict where the door and window industry will go in the second half of the year

in this way, if you need to order windows and doors in the second half of the year, it's better to order them early. If you sell them, you'll earn money





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