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The national linkage of "mid year promotion" of shangbaimumen swept across the land of China, and the direct supply and profit transfer of the factory set off a rush to buy across the country, which was warmly supported by many consumers

from June 15 to June 30, the national linkage of "mid year promotion" of shangbaimumen swept across the land of China, and the factory directly offered profits, setting off a rush to buy across the country, which was warmly supported by many consumers. After 16 days of hard work, 58 excellent dealers concluded this activity with a total order volume of 1958, which was perfect

if you want to know how hot this activity is from the beginning to the end, follow the pace of Xiaobian and review this grand activity

the kick-off meeting is ready to go

the kick-off meeting is launched in the form of sub venues in each theater. Dealers in each region sign military orders respectively. Every family member has a firm goal, full of confidence and passion to meet the battle

in order to cooperate with the activities of local agents, all staff of the operation Department, active marketing department, training supervision department and third-party marketing agencies of shangbaimumen franchise business center went to various regional cities to provide one-on-one assistance and supervision, and improve the terminal sales performance by establishing various services such as the standardization system of store target plan, activity promotion system, daily management standardization system, product knowledge sales training and assistance, Improve the execution of team goals, standardize store management, and walk side by side with agents

store new clothes, strong activity atmosphere

each regional team actively participated in this activity. From the strong activity atmosphere to hot sales, everyone actively cooperated and went all out to provide perfect services for customers with high-quality products, factory direct supply policies, enthusiastic attitude and professional level

during the event, all elite sales teams cooperated closely, arranged work and personnel systematically under the leadership and guidance of the company's event team, and everyone worked in an orderly manner, creating a good event atmosphere and beginning

the activity landed, and the signing continued

this "mid year promotion" activity is aimed at giving thanks to new and old customers, and carefully setting up major awards and preferential gift packages. Once the activity is launched, franchisees everywhere have frequent orders, professional products, affordable prices, and considerate services. Through this activity, it is more widely known, and the brand influence of Shangbai has been further expanded

high specification and high execution will definitely lead to high sales, the big picture will definitely explode, and the team with a good attitude will be a complete success! This activity not only represents the brand influence of Shang Bai, but also reflects the concept of customers' pursuit of quality life! At the same time, it will draw a successful conclusion to the battle of ending in the first half of 2019 and start a new journey in the second half of the year




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