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Recently, Yadan wardrobe 2015 dealer conference was held in Jiangmen. Many dealers from all over the country gathered together to witness the growth of Yadan and share the joy of Yadan with Huiya media and various media

on March 21, the 2015 "zhijuhui · butterfly action to win the future" dealer conference of Yadan wardrobe kicked off at Jiangmen Taishan Country Garden Hotel. More than 400 excellent dealers from all over the country gathered together to share and witness the growth and joy of Yadan, discuss the 2015 development strategic plan, and hold a grand brand endorsement signing ceremony. Zhang Jiayi, the spokesperson of Yadan brand image, and Zhang Daxiao, the chairman of Yadan wardrobe, and other guest leaders attended the meeting. Huiya media and more than 20 media such as Sina, Netease, Tencent, popular, pptv, LETV, Guangdong TV have witnessed this historical moment

butterflies flying, amazing start scene

at 9:00 a.m. on the 21st, in the sound of slow music, all guests entered. Major Zhang, chairman of Yadan wardrobe, delivered a sincere speech. He fully affirmed the achievements made by Yadan in the past year and highly outlined the development strategic direction for 2015 and the next three years

then, in line with the theme of the event, a unique launching ceremony of pupation and butterfly release was held, flying together with the colorful butterflies arranged at the venue, which officially opened the legendary journey of Yadan brand "butterfly transformation"

At the meeting, Ding Yadong, the Secretary General of Yadan mutual aid alliance, Wang Gang, the brand director, Hu Haijun, the marketing director, Zhao Weichao, the deputy general manager of production, Lu Rencai, the product R & D Manager, and representatives of excellent suppliers successively took the stage to make reports and share, and made in-depth analysis and planning on the development of their respective fields to a higher level. It is reported that Yadan will officially launch Haomai automatic packaging line this year, which means that Yadan's production and service efficiency will rise to a higher level

set a benchmark, be grateful and inspire big stray

in the afternoon, the exciting awards ceremony, special contribution award, dynamic sales star, rookie, dark horse, annual awards were announced one by one, and the excellent dealers led by Lu'an Yadan Xia Yecun proved Yadan's brand appeal with actions. The reward policies and awards implementation of Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz are exciting and encouraging

third place - Chang'an Automobile

second place - Toyota automobile

champion - Audi automobile

Thanksgiving link, thank parents and family members for their support to Yadan's cause. The mysterious guests came out in surprise. In the warm light, Yadan elite generals expressed their deep feelings, and the tear inducing index was the highest. The chairman of the company, Colonel Zhang, couldn't help laughing and tears filled the box, and the Yadan family present were all moved by it

integrated marketing to build a strong big brand

the signing ceremony of many media and platforms was also held at the meeting, and the signing ceremony of CCTV, sanxingjia, high-speed rail and airport came on stage one after another. Continue the advertising platform in 2014, follow the step of upgrading the image of Yadan brand endorsement, increase efforts, invest a huge amount of money, integrate resources, cover advertising throughout the line, and create a leading brand of zero formaldehyde home furnishings

it is reported that the three-dimensional home electronic mall project, which was launched in early 2015, is currently in the process of function and program development, and is expected to be launched in May. At that time, users can design furniture, preview effects and make preliminary quotations by themselves through online DIY, which will help the terminal to provide efficient experiential services and promote order transactions

with the help of Zhang Jiayi, leading the era of home furnishing

at about 16:30 p.m., Yadan brand endorsement signing ceremony. The low-key appearance of Zhang Jiayi, the brand image spokesman of Yadan wardrobe and film star, caused a sensation on the scene. The chairman of Yadan wardrobe, Colonel Zhang, signed a contract with Zhang Jiayi. After exchanging texts and taking group photos, Zhang Jiayi delivered a speech and interacted with the guests on the scene to release his dream, pushing the atmosphere to the climax. When the "male god" arrived, the excellent dealer "female heroes" also couldn't hold, and the scene cheered one after another

subsequently, spokesperson Zhang Jiayi was interviewed by the media. Zhang Jiayi is very concerned about haze and environmental problems. He calls on everyone to respect and love the environment. For home decoration, he advocates proper decoration and pays attention to the environmental protection performance of materials to avoid unnecessary waste of resources. Keen on public welfare and environmental protection, Zhang Jiayi and Yadan are highly consistent in their sense of social responsibility. His low-key and modest style has won unanimous praise from the media

so far, the agenda of the first day of Yadan Wardrobe "butterfly action" 2015 dealer conference came to a successful conclusion in passion, surprise and cheers





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