Analysis of the hottest beer packaging market

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Analysis of beer packaging market (Part I)

China has become a major beer producer in the world. In 2003, the beer output reached 24.3 million tons. With the steady development of domestic beer production, great changes have taken place in the beer packaging market, and the ways of packaging and the use of packaging materials are more colorful. Improving packaging, improving product image, meeting consumer demand and enhancing market competitiveness are the goals that many beer enterprises are striving to pursue. So, what is the current situation of China's beer packaging market and what is the trend of development in the future? It is necessary for us to carefully analyze these problems

1 glass bottle

glass bottle has the characteristics of good gas separation, strong heat resistance, convenient recovery and low cost. It can meet the requirements of beer's high sensitivity to oxygen, anti microbial pollution, anti carbon dioxide and water loss and maintaining flavor stability. Therefore, it has always occupied a leading position in beer packaging. At present, bottled beer accounts for about 80% to 90% of the total beer volume in the market. From the day when it was established to today, the database has grown larger and larger. There are three kinds of bottled beer: green, brown and white transparent bottles. Taking the green glass bottle D2 - the average thickness of the test piece after the experiment as an example, the specifications are 640ml, 570ml, 50. With the extensive use of electric measurement and electronic control technology in the experimental machine, 0ml and other different types

in order to ensure the safety of storage, transportation and consumption, the state has made strict regulations on the quality standards of beer bottles. However, unqualified beer glass bottles still occur from time to time in the process of use. On the one hand, the impact resistance index of new beer bottles purchased by some beer manufacturers is not qualified; On the other hand, the old beer bottles used are worn out and have lower pressure resistance due to more circulation and turnover times. When the carbon dioxide pressure in the bottle is too high, the beer bottle often collides, and the consumer opens it improperly, it may cause explosion and injury. In order to minimize or avoid this phenomenon and not bring negative impact to the enterprise, one of the ways is to use more qualified new beer bottles

strengthen the monitoring of the recycled old beer bottles to prevent the old beer bottles with a service life of more than 2 years from mixing into the market and bringing potential safety hazards. In the packaging of green beer bottles, 640ml (the actual filling capacity is generally only about 624ml, which is intentional by the beer manufacturers to reduce the operation and cost, and the capacity error is within the range specified by the state, which is qualified). The outer packaging of beer bottles includes basket packaging (1 x24), plastic packaging (1 x9), box packaging (1 x 12), etc. Plastic basket packaging is generally sold in hotels and restaurants. Plastic package packaging can be sold in wine wholesale markets, rural markets and other large areas, while the main sales objects of box packaging are hotels and restaurants. Now, in order to guide the market and cater to the consumers' psychology of seeking novelty and difference, many beer enterprises tend to miniaturize their packaging, and put them on the market with special-shaped 570ml, 500ml, 330ml packages, etc., in order to attack the medium and high-end beer market, and have achieved certain results. For brown bottles, warm beer is mainly served in cold seasons. On the one hand, the brown bottle matches the color of warm beer, on the other hand, it also gives people a psychological warmth in the cold season

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