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Analysis on the causes of flat printing plate dropping and plate pasting; Paste plate refers to the expansion and deformation of the plate surface area, the ink on the blank area thickens the impression, the ink adheres to the blank part, and the printed image is blurred. Taking a comprehensive view of the lithographic printing process, there are many reasons for plate dropping and plate pasting, which must be carefully analyzed, and necessary preventive measures must be taken in production to reduce or avoid plate dropping and plate pasting and ensure the printing quality of products

1 pressure is too heavy

1) the printing plate cylinder and China have been completely reduced to one mineral raw material supplier, and the rubber cylinder pressure is too heavy. Pressure is a necessary condition for imprint transfer. Only moderate pressure can effectively ensure the effect of imprint transfer. If the pressure is too light, the transfer of the imprint is uneven and incomplete, which is easy to cause the ink color of the printed page to be unclear, and the material supplier provides a new opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry; On the contrary, if the pressure is too heavy, the friction force of the rubber blanket on the printing plate surface will increase, which will aggravate the wear of the ink friendly film on the printing plate surface during the stamping process, and it is easy to produce the plate dropping phenomenon, which will weaken the imprint, and even make the graphic printing unclear or the pen missing. In addition, if the pressure between the plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder is too large, it is also easy to make the imprint expand and denature due to the extrusion phenomenon in the transfer process, resulting in the problem of plate pasting

2) the pressure of the impression cylinder and the rubber cylinder is too heavy. When the pressure between the impression cylinder and the rubber roller anchor rod, anchor cable, steel strand and anchor pulling machine cylinder is too heavy, the imprint on the rubber blanket surface is bound to be squeezed and spread, which is easy to form a paste phenomenon

3) the contact pressure between inking roller and water roller and printing plate shall be selected with high reliability. If the pressure between the inking roller or water roller and the printing plate is too heavy, there will be too much extrusion and friction on the printing plate surface, so that the ink loving and hydrophilic foundation of the printing plate will be damaged, resulting in plate dropping or plate pasting

source: printing world by Kang qilai

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