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Analysis of the deficiencies in the development of China's machine tool industry

China's mold industry is known as a global manufacturing power with a huge annual total import and export volume. However, due to the constraints of technical personnel and other factors, it is relatively concentrated in the middle and low-end fields. Therefore, the economic temptation of the high-end market to domestic mold enterprises is undoubtedly huge

it is understood that it is necessary to avoid wiping the tableware surface with hard objects or scraping the tableware surface with sharp objects. China's consumption of machine tools has ranked first in the world for 10 consecutive years, and has become the most active machine tool market in the world. As one of the important branches, the share of mold machine tools is also expanding

at present, the machine tools used by domestic mold enterprises can generally be divided into electric machining machine tools and metal cutting machine tools. Among them, the share of electric machining machine tools in the domestic market is still relatively high. However, the metal cutting machine tool is not, because the machine tool used for mold has higher requirements for processing technology than the parts processing, such as the CNC system, transmission equipment, precision parameters, etc., which brings great difficulties to the R & D and design of domestic machine tool enterprises

industry expert luobaihui pointed out that in a short time, due to the accumulation of high-end machine tool talents and technology in China, the situation of large-scale import of foreign high-end machine tools will not change, and China's dependence on the import of high-end mold machine tools will continue in the short term

in the face of the world mold market, especially the high-end market, which is a big cake with broad prospects, China's mold and machine tool enterprises urgently need to understand the latest changes in the market. In view of the development status of the mold industry, they should develop relevant mold and machine tool products, seize the market, expand space for their industry, and facilitate their healthy development in the future. Luobaihui said that at present, the development level of China's machine tool accessories still needs to be improved, and efforts should be made to achieve international integration, so as to make China's machine tool industry achieve more rapid and sustainable development. In recent years, China's CNC machine tools are developing at a high speed, and the production and sales are also rising. With the continuous development and improvement of numerical control technology, the requirements and dependence of machine tool host on accessories are becoming higher and higher. Moreover, the pressurizer can quickly depressurize; Don't turn off the power. We all have to rely on the experimental results of the selected materials. It should be clear that the technological development of accessories indirectly determines the development level of machine tool hosts. Thus we can see that the development direction of specialization has become the overall development trend of China's machine parts industry

how can we narrow the gap with foreign industrial powers? This requires the full cooperation of China's major machine tool plants. Enterprises themselves should speed up the pace of technological reform, actively innovate independently, and have the courage to learn from foreign enterprises. Enterprises should strive to learn international advanced machine tool technology and carry out innovation in an all-round way. The top management of enterprises should also encourage and vigorously support the innovation of machine tool accessories, so as to make China's machine tool accessories industry stronger and stronger

due to the steady growth of China's economy, China's machine tool accessories industry will also show a stable development trend, and its market share will continue to increase. This driving role will enable China's machine tool industry to continue to develop, but China's machine tool accessories industry also has some shortcomings, of course, there is also a good development space

shortcomings: the development of machine tool accessories must be driven by the comprehensive development of the machine tool industry, which has to mention the development prospect of China's machine tool industry. If China's machine tool industry wants to have a more stable and rapid development, it must carry out comprehensive numerical control reform and innovation, so as to make a series of machine tool accessories industry follow up and move forward together. However, most of the machine tool parts factories in China are still short of funds, which has a great impact on technological innovation and reform. This is also an important point that the level of accessories in China has not made rapid progress. It has become an obstacle to the development of machine tool industry. Compared with the international technology, the domestic machine tool accessories still lag behind the developed countries in terms of technology, quality and performance

development direction: in terms of machine tool accessories, we also have many advantages, such as price, after-sales service, etc. In particular, in recent years, China's machine tool industry has increased in variety through appropriate heat treatment process to add its mechanical function, and has also greatly improved the quality and performance of products. The further study of developed countries, coupled with the comprehensive development of numerical control technology, has also greatly improved China's machine tool accessories industry, and let us also see the bright future of the machine tool industry

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