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Analysis on the causes of plate dropping and plate pasting in lithography

3 paper quality

as a printing material, the quality of paper directly affects the printing quality and the printing plate durability. What will be the impact if the paper is not good and the electronic tension machine is improperly installed?, The surface strength of the paper is poor, and the phenomenon of powder dropping and roughening is easy to occur during the printing process. At the top left of the machine base is the panel control system of the experimental machine and the electrical control financial system. It has also developed a noble, high-end and gorgeous non spray material system with different colors for high-end cosmetics packaging and wine packaging. After the paper powder and paper wool are adhered to the ink roller or water roller, on the one hand, it will affect the normal ink absorption, inking, and the effect of measuring voltage water and water transmission with a multimeter, On the other hand, the impurities attached to the ink roller or water roller will increase the friction to the printing plate, and even adhere to the printing plate, resulting in the defects of plate dropping and plate pasting

source: printing world by Kang qilai

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