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Analysis of beer packaging products (Part 2)

3 beer barrel

consumers' pursuit of freshness, heavy taste and nutrition has become a consumption trend. Fresh beer, with its unique original flavor, rich nutritional value and cold taste, can attract more consumers and expand market share

currently, fresh beer is mostly bottled. Barreled beer can be divided into stainless steel draft beer barrels and ordinary beer preservation barrels. The price of stainless steel draught beer barrels is relatively expensive. Ordinary beer fresh-keeping barrels do not have self cooling equipment, and can not adjust the temperature at will or supplement carbon dioxide. However, they rely on the heat preservation and gas preservation performance of the fresh-keeping barrels to give consumers a fresh and refreshing feeling. Barreled beer usually takes only a few hours from production to marketing, and its excellent freshness is unmatched by ordinary beer. The polyurethane filler suitable for barreled fresh beer causes the balloon suture to collapse and close, which is sold to restaurants, hotels and large stalls in the peak season of beer sales in the city. Since bottled beer does not use packaging materials such as bottles, caps, labels and boxes, its profit margin can be 30%-50% higher than that of bottled products, and the manufacturer can obtain better economic benefits

the quality of beer barrel has a great influence on the quality preservation of beer. Only high-quality fresh-keeping barrel can ensure the purity of fresh beer and pass the original flavor of fresh beer from beer manufacturers to consumers. A high-quality fresh-keeping barrel should have the following properties: (1) it should have a beautiful and practical appearance; (2) To have a scientific and reasonable overall structure; (3) Have reliable sealing performance; (4) It shall have thermal insulation performance; (5) It shall have physical properties of falling resistance and impact resistance; (6) Have excellent cleaning and filling performance. It is regrettable that the quality of fresh beer barrels often leads to problems in barreled beer on the market. This is mainly because some fresh beer container manufacturers lack the understanding of products and the technical guarantee measures for product development ability. Seeing the market demand, they simply follow the example and adopt the way of low-cost sales to occupy the market. It is difficult for many beer manufacturers to accurately select fresh beer barrels because it is not easy to find problems from the appearance observation. It is believed that with the market standardization and the improvement of technical equipment, the functional quality of fresh-keeping barrels will be greatly improved, and the barreled beer market will get a benign development

4 plastic bottle

now, plastic beer packaging has appeared in China's beer market. The plastic beer packaging is colorful and has a strong visual effect. Plastic packaging can have 330ml, 500ml, 640ml and other specifications, which is portable and safe, not easy to break and explode, and the storage and transportation cost is significantly lower than that of glass and metal packaging. At the same time, it has a high recycling rate, greatly saves the marketing cost, and is conducive to environmental protection and the effective utilization of comprehensive resources

plastic beer packaging mainly refers to pet (polyethylene terephthalate) material packaging. In the past, plastic beer packaging had no practical production significance due to the insufficient barrier effect on gas penetration and the defects of sterilization and heat resistance. During the recession period when beer gradually moves towards low price competition, plastic bottle manufacturers have made painstaking efforts to tackle key problems, especially the application of PET bottle coating technology (plasma technology). After 0.21mm carbon layer is coated inside, its barrier property is almost the same as that of glass, and it can withstand heating and sterilization treatment at the same time. Now the filling, capping, destructive test, carbon dioxide leakage, beer shelf life (days), taste and pasteurization of plastic bottles have reached the relevant indicators of glass bottles

in 2004, China's beer production enterprises began to try to produce plastic filled beer, which also had a certain response in the regional market. Although plastic beer packaging is still in its infancy, with the manufacturer's scientific marketing planning and strong market promotion, through continuous efforts, its advantages of adapting to environmental protection development, drinking safety and convenience will become more and more obvious. It can be predicted that in the near future, plastic beer packaging will usher in great development

with the progress of science and technology and the guidance of consumption trend, new ways will appear in the beer packaging market. The concept of innovation, difference and change will go deep into people's consumption concepts and behavior habits. If customers feel convenient and thoughtful in the process of purchase, carrying and use, they will form a recognition of the value of the product and produce a sense of closeness. No matter what form of packaging, there is only one purpose, that is, to deliver high-quality beer products to consumers. This is where the majority of beer manufacturers need to "and it is difficult to combine it with composite packaging"

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