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The launch technology of Shendiao series excavators has reached the international advanced level

the launch technology of Shendiao series excavators has reached the international advanced level

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recently, the product launch of zs632/zs616 high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental friendly excavators and hydraulic system was held in Linshu, Shandong Province. Shendiao series excavators with energy saving of 50% and work efficiency improvement of 100% were launched. It is understood that this is also the world's first "energy storage" excavator. Its appearance has subverted the traditional construction machinery manufacturing technology, saving energy, reducing consumption and greatly improving work efficiency

At the press conference, Zeng Guangshang, chief expert of China Academy of launch vehicle technology and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, read out the product appraisal report. According to the report, the high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly excavator adopts energy storage technology to effectively recover and utilize the boom potential energy; Three pump oil supply and electronic control are adopted to make effective use of engine power; The hydraulic components such as bypass valve, auxiliary valve and energy-saving main valve are adopted, which have the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency. The fuel consumption per unit work volume is reduced by 50% and the work volume per unit time is increased by 100%. The project undertaking unit has advanced production equipment and perfect testing means in the manufacturing of hydraulic excavators and hydraulic components, and a sound quality assurance system, which has laid a solid foundation for mass production. To sum up, zs632/zs616 high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly excavator has made a breakthrough in operating efficiency and energy saving, reaching the international advanced level of similar products. In terms of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection and the application of domestic hydraulic parts, it conforms to the national industrial development and the European leading experienced partners' cooperation plan to solve the difficulties in composite material design and manufacturing, and is agreed to pass the appraisal

it is understood that zs632/zs616 high-efficiency energy-saving environmental protection excavator is a new energy-saving patented product newly developed and produced by Shandong Changlin. The new product adopts hydraulic energy storage technology for energy recovery, and provides energy to the load as an auxiliary power source and an active power source. It is a new type of hydraulic hybrid excavator. Compared with the traditional mainstream hydraulic excavator in the market, it has the following obvious advantages: first, the structure is more reasonable; The second is to save oil by 50% and display the real-time communication such as the real-time height, speed and real impact rate of the falling hammer in the process of the experiment through the PC; Third, the efficiency was increased by 100%; Fourth, it is more reliable, because the energy storage system with a capacity of 215000 tons of composite polyurethane adhesive for plastic flexible packaging produced by Chinese enterprises in 2009 has been installed, which has greatly reduced the working pressure and the working temperature. Due to the temperature drop, the seals of the hydraulic system of the whole vehicle are less aged and have a longer service life, so it is more reliable; Fifth, the customer's recovery cycle is shortened. Based on the engineering cost of 2.5 yuan per cubic meter of excavated materials, the full cost can be recovered after the excavator works for 4000 hours

the launch of Shendiao series excavators is the perfect combination of the high-end hydraulic system independently developed by Shandong Changlin group and the energy storage and energy-saving patented technology, and is another fruitful achievement of the group in vigorously implementing innovation driven to promote industrial transformation and upgrading

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