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V. analysis of design examples of edge shaped special-shaped boxes with great difficulties in export growth. All friends who are engaged in production know that to make such a strange box, two conditions are required: 1. Skilled and superb production skills; 2. The software of Dexing and future problem-solving hands

he has both of these conditions. With years of production experience and the powerful graphics processing function of InDesign, this scheme is easily completed. If you are interested, you may as well try it

due to temporary equipment problems, it is used on the InDesign CS of the PC. It would be more convenient on the Mac

we hope that heroes from all walks of life can contribute their skills and secrets (ancestral secrets are better) to improve the overall level of graphic production

this is a mosquito repellent incense box made according to the customer's requirements. The box contains mosquito repellent incense, so we only know in advance that the inner diameter of the box is 140mm, but the box is a pentagon shaped special-shaped box. Let's see how I make this box:

1, first draw a circle with a diameter of 140mm

2, draw another straight line, and use the alignment function to align the line and the circle in the middle and down direction

3, draw another concentric circle, so that it is better not to rush to buy more than the already drawn circle and line. I copy the previously drawn circle in situ, and then increase its size

4, select a line and a large circle, double-click the rotation tool, fill in 72 and select Copy, and then copy five lines tangent to the small circle

(to be continued)

statement: molding shrinkage: 0 8%

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