AkzoNobel believes that the color of 2020 will ush

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AkzoNobel believes that the color in 2020 will usher in a new dawn

AkzoNobel believes that the color in 2020 will usher in a new dawn

September 11, 2019

tranquil dawn is AkzoNobel's best color in 2020. p>

in all four colorfutures 2020 palettes of the company, tranquil dawn is a delicate and smooth tone paint between green, blue and gray. They are designed to enhance and motivate customers, making the task of choosing colors easier

"the quiet dawn perfectly captures the human mood in 2020," explained Helen van gent, head of AkzoNobel global beauty center, which is responsible for annual trend research. "It reminds people of the color of the sky in the morning, and contains our desire to cherish our most human quality, which is what we need in the new decade. For us, sharing our enthusiasm for paint with the world is an exciting and inspiring way. "

experts in the company's paint and coating business work with leading design professionals to study the results of annual trend research. Then translate colors for use with specific products to provide customers with trend choices in various markets. This is a major example of the importance of AkzoNobel investing in color expertise in all its activities.

"Our research aims to apply the latest trends to all relevant areas of our paint and coating business," added David Menko, chief marketing officer of AkzoNobel. "Our design team transforms information into market-specific colors and finishes, which are applicable to various fields such as automobiles, buildings, consumer electronics and wood."

especially for household and decorative coatings, these four related steel plant operations in the late 2020 adjustment period may be more cautious, and the color palette can meet a series of specific needs (such as creating a game home), while also enabling consumers to express themselves. The palette is divided into different themes, called care palette, play palette, meaning palette and creativity palette

the beauty of the annual study is that the same palette can be applied to other enterprises where color plays an important role: m - Pendulum torque- The most famous are automotive and special coatings, powder coatings and wood coatings

"our automotive and specialty coatings business makes full use of trend research to make corresponding palettes in various fields (such as consumer electronics, automotive and aerospace fields)," Menko explained. "The unified color and trend development process also helps to confirm whether the notch processing of the tested impact sample is qualified, which helps our wood coatings and powder coatings business successfully launch and use their own trend colors and accompanying palettes in all markets."

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