Akoma introduces new acrylic resin 0 for LED light

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Arkema introduced a new type of acrylic resin for LED lighting

Arkema group has commercialized its new level of acrylic resin, which is more suitable for modern LED lighting applications

arcoma's global headquarters are located in colombes, France, and the U.S. headquarters are located in Philadelphia. The company's plant in Pennsylvania began to produce Plexiglas diffuse resin in March. Acoma's plant in Rho, Italy, will start producing the material in May

this material can form a light expanding Hall displacement sensor in LED applications, which has the advantages of small inertia, high frequency response, reliable operation and long service life, without affecting the overall light transmission, the company official said. Typical applications of diffuse resins include architectural and indoor commercial lighting

this side-by-side product diagram shows the performance advantages of akoma's new level Plexiglas diffuse resin over existing alternative materials.

Michael lamarra, the company's LED lighting business development director, said in a recent interview: "the standard product on the market was originally a frosted product. But that would not provide enough diffusion force for LED emitters, making it difficult to generate bright and dense light."

he added that in order to obtain stronger diffusion power, lighting product manufacturers added white color masterbatch to acrylic resin, but doing so would reduce the light transmittance of the product by%

diffuse brand resin can provide better performance in strong light applications

this material also has outstanding UV resistance and weather resistance, and has a beautiful surface gloss and scratch resistance, company officials said. The resin can be used for extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming or cutting. It is renewable and can form a smooth or textured surface of the extruded lens

years, it is expected that the molding time of Le is very short compared with the epoxy resin system under the same conditions, and the average annual growth rate of D lighting application will reach 12%. Arcoma company said that commercial lighting is the final LED market in which Chile's sqm production is difficult to maintain a high level

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