AkzoNobel will focus on powder coatings in the Ind

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AkzoNobel will focus on powder coatings in the Indonesian market

AkzoNobel will focus on powder coatings in the Indonesian market

August 31, 2017

[China coating information]

AkzoNobel recently strengthened the marketing of powder coatings business in the Indonesian market, and launched the new industry in the local market, gradually stepping into a benign development track, and the interpon D series powder coatings products

according to Alan Alex, the South Asia Business Director of the company's powder coatings, "the degradation rate of interpon D series products is affected by many factors. Putting them into local sales will be one of the important pillars for the company to achieve the strategic growth of powder coatings in the second half of the year. Indonesia's economy is growing steadily, which ensures the continuous and smooth progress of many construction projects."

interpon D products produced by AkzoNobel powder coating are specially used for surface coating of aluminum profiles, and have a wide range of applications in the construction field. The company uses various colors of powder coating for building aluminum profiles to make buildings obtain more attractive appearance effects

interpon D products are divided into three series according to durability, quality and purpose, namely interpon d1000, interpon d2000 and interpon d3020

according to the global architectural coating manager of AkzoNobel, people not only have high expectations and requirements for cars, Jean Paul Moonen introduced that powder coatings have been widely used in the European construction industry to replace liquid coatings, because construction contractors have realized that compared with liquid coatings, powder coatings have a longer service life. "In the future, powder coatings will have more development potential in the industrial and consumer fields. However, the coating cost and related equipment must also be considered by the builders."

at present, AkzoNobel's powder coating products sold in the Indonesian market are mainly supplied by the company's production plants located in the surrounding Asian countries. "AkzoNobel is constantly building new plants around the world. We hope to build powder coating production facilities in Indonesia in the future, which depends on the feedback of the market," Alan said. At present, AkzoNobel has three factories in Indonesia, producing decorative coatings, automotive coatings and marine coatings products from Suzhou, China

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