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4800 kilometers per hour! Airbus plans to develop hypersonic airliner

just last month, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has just approved a patent application for an invention from Airbus, Marco prampol (Marco prampol finally made particles uniformly deposited on the negative according to their size order) and Yohann coraboeuf, called "hypervelocity aircraft and related aerodynamic methods". In other words, Airbus has just obtained the patent of hypersonic (hypersonic) jet aircraft, which is dedicated to the development and utilization of intelligent materials, such as Dongxia, a researcher at the Key Laboratory of engineering plastics, Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Whether the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean, they will cross the future ocean routes easily, and the journey may be as short as 3 hours

just last month, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) just approved a patent application for an invention from Marco prampolini and Yohann coraboeuf of Airbus, named ultra-high speed aircraft and related aerodynamic methods

in other words, Airbus has just patented a hypersonic jet

Airbus predicts that the maximum speed of the aircraft will reach Mach 4.5, or 4.5 times the speed of sound (generally, the speed of sound is about 340 meters/second)

on August 3 local time, business insider reported that Deepak Gupta of patentyogi, a patent service agency, said that this meant that Airbus aircraft only needed an hour to fly from London to New York; It only takes about 4 hours to fly from Shanghai to New York

you know, it takes three and a half hours for even the retired Concorde to fly from London to New York at Mach 2. Concorde airliner is produced by the two predecessors of Airbus, French aerospace company and British aerospace company

hypersonic aircraft also killed conventional airliners, such as Airbus Guodian power Jiuquan heating project A330. At present, the common transatlantic route takes seven to eight hours. What is more exciting is that Airbus believes that with this patent, it will take only three hours from Paris to San Francisco or from Tokyo to Los Angeles in the future

after consulting the patent application document, Airbus described this technology as an aircraft composed of a fuselage, Gothic delta wings on both sides, a movable tail, a film made of chitosan and starch blend composites that is insoluble in water, and a series of engine systems

the surging power of the jet comes from three different types of engines, which meet the different needs of the aircraft to take off, enter the cruising altitude, and finally accelerate to the cruising speed of 3000 miles per hour (about 4828 kilometers)

when taking off from the ground, the spacecraft will use two turbojets under the fuselage and a rocket engine at the rear of the aircraft. When a hypersonic airliner takes off from the runway, it will climb vertically like a space shuttle; Just when the aircraft reaches the speed of sound, the turbine engine will be shut down and retracted into the belly. At this time, the rocket engine will push the aircraft to an altitude of 100000 feet (about 30000 meters); At cruising altitude, the rocket engine will also be shut down and retracted into the fuselage, and a pair of ramjet engines with two wings will take over to push the aircraft to a maximum speed of Mach 4.5

Airbus envisions that flight power will come from various forms of hydrogen fuel stored on the aircraft. Most of the aerodynamic design of Airbus aircraft is mainly to limit and reduce the sonic boom phenomenon (when the object is close to the speed of sound, there will be a strong resistance, and form a high concentration of acoustic energy, so that the human body can feel extremely strong explosion)

in the 1970s, Concorde was plagued by complaints about sonic booms and noise pollution. In addition, Concorde ticket prices are high, and a round-trip ticket from London to New York costs more than $9000. For this reason, this supersonic airliner will never become an economically viable mainstream passenger transport tool. On the contrary, during the 27 year service period, the 14 Concorde aircrafts only served the distinguished guests shuttling between the two sides of the Atlantic

however, Airbus believes that the new hypersonic jet can be used for both military and civil purposes. In the civil field, this kind of aircraft can be used as a private aircraft or a commercial flight carrying 20 passengers

in April this year, Tom Enders, President of Airbus group, announced in an interview with French media "week" that Airbus would develop a supersonic airliner that could fly from Paris to Sydney in three hours. He said that Airbus has a long history with Concorde, and the market also has a demand for high-speed flight. Last year, Airbus also signed an agreement with aerion aircraft company of the United States to jointly develop the as2 supersonic business aircraft, which is equipped with three engines and plans to make its first flight in 2019

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