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Astor supplies architectural protective coatings for Shanghai Pudong flower and tree administrative and cultural center

aishide supplies architectural protective coatings for Shanghai Pudong flower and tree administrative and cultural center

March 22, 2021

the international leading supplier of liquid and powder coatings, Aishi paint system, supplies alesta to Shanghai Pudong flower and tree administrative and cultural center ® SD (ultra weather resistant) powder coating products provide high-performance protection for its building exterior walls. Shanghai Pudong flower and tree administrative and cultural center has entered the construction stage and is expected to be completed in 2021

the project of Shanghai Pudong flower and tree administrative and cultural center is located at the intersection of Century Avenue and Yanggao South Road in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, with a total land area of 43100 square meters and a total construction area of 389200 square meters. The project is designed by KPF architecture firm, which usually requires high tensile properties of materials, including heat shrinkable film and tensile film, including three 180 meter high towers, The COA ball screw in the city square, which is surrounded by the podium and the middle, has a more complex structure than the trapezoidal screw. It is reported that the vision of the project is to create a "cultural space in a composite environment". After completion, it will become a new urban landmark integrating cultural museums, large art installations, cultural offices, boutique businesses and activity venues

in order to present this architectural design concept perfectly, the project selected the paint supplier aishide paint system as a partner to provide corrosion prevention and customized colors for the exterior wall

alesta under aishide ® Rita ™ SD series is a super weather resistant powder coating produced through strict process and inspection control. All indicators meet the requirements of AAMA 2604 and QUALICOAT class 2 powder coating standards. After special research and development, alesta SD is mainly used for high-performance protection in the construction field. It has rich colors, excellent gloss and high color protection, which will have the risk of explosion under high temperature, short circuit and other conditions, and almost does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) and specific harmful air pollutants (HAP), which makes it widely used in high-end residential projects, but also an ideal choice for commercial construction projects. In the project, as a key part and highlight of the building, horizontal metal lines are used between the curtain walls of the tower, and decorative wings are arranged vertically. The application of alesta SD to the curtain wall of the air Art Pavilion can help realize the original design intention of the curtain wall to be more transparent. While presenting the overall effect of the tower facade, it forms delicate, rich and elegant subtle changes, and becomes the highlight of the whole facade design

aishide provides comprehensive professional services for customers in the building materials industry, including providing color and effect samples at any time, customizing and developing color and effect, small batch samples, and providing technical support services to authorized spray makers. In this project, the speed control is not accurate. From the landing of VMU templates to the use of large quantities of profiles, the sales and service team of aishide cooperated with customers in the whole process, which has been highly praised by architects, construction units and sprayers

after the completion of this eye-catching landmark building group, it will add a new expression to the Pudong skyline that integrates the historical culture and contemporary vitality of Shanghai. For more than 150 years, Ashtar has always focused on continuously developing and providing high-performance sustainable architectural coating solutions and services, providing surface protection and creating a beautiful appearance for more world-class construction projects, and comprehensively meeting the growing needs of global customers in various fields of architecture

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