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Airia, India: call on the government to carry out reasonable tax reform for the rubber industry

according to the news on December 27 in India, the All India rubber industry association (airia) called for rationalization of the tax structure and said that the inverted tax structure would affect the local rubber industry

Airia said that the government should consider providing adequate support policies for manufacturers and should formulate a "phased manufacturing plan" to strengthen the localization of the Indian rubber industry. The import tariff of imported raw materials, such as natural rubber and latex, is as high as 70%, while the tariff of finished rubber is much lower, which affects the local rubber products production industry and is an obstacle to the realization of the vision of modi government'atmanirbhar bharat'(self reliant India)

airia said that some products from China in the past were diverted to Thailand and Vietnam, with tariffs of zero or 5%. India should correct the tariff system of this industry. The Indian rubber industry uses more than 70 kinds of raw materials, some of which will also be subject to anti-dumping duties. For the rubber industry, The ideal tariff structure conducive to the growth of the industry "as we open up new uses and new polymer technologies, the tariffs on manufactured products are the highest, the tariffs on semi-finished products are in the middle, and the tariffs on raw materials are the lowest. At present, the structure is completely upside down.

airia further said that the Department had to resort to imported natural rubber, because the quality of rubber produced in this country" failed to meet the standard " , tire manufacturers buy a large number of countries with low toxic gas content; High quality products produced in China have left small, medium-sized and micro enterprises and other rubber product manufacturers with no choice but to purchase high-quality raw materials from foreign manufacturers

Sekharan, chairman of airia, maintenance knowledge of v.t. chandhra testing machine, said that in order to realize the vision of building a self reliant India, India has great potential to realize the large growth potential of precision production of extruders. If the inverted structure of the rubber industry can be corrected, India is expected to become the center for purchasing rubber parts and products

the association pointed out that at present, many products use rubber as components. Due to the unreasonable tariff structure, the manufacturers of these components must import these products

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