Aixun technology held a symposium in Beijing

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Aixun technology held a symposium in Beijing

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autumn always brings people a harvest season. In this beautiful September, as the" Laozi "of IPC (industrialpc, industrial computer) industry ——Aisun technology has not forgotten to surprise us. On the afternoon of September 16, at the China International Exhibition Center, Aixun technology held a theme seminar in Beijing with its three unique skills of exboot, SOM and GPIB. Users and professionals also actively participated in the event

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. linrongjian, general manager of Aixun Technology Shanghai Branch, first introduced the current situation and development plan of Aixun technology. From March this year, the former Shanghai Office of Aixun technology was upgraded to Shanghai Branch; In April, Shenzhen Branch and Beijing Branch were established successively; So far, Aixun technology has first completed its layout in the domestic industrial control market, which has shocked the industry with such a rapid momentum, and the formed pattern also shows that Aixun technology 6 and access technology are also optimistic about the prospects of the domestic industrial control market; In addition to the overall deployment of Aixun in the world and shaking hands with Advantech heavyweights, Aixun technology is also ready for independent listing in Taipei in November this year; With every step like this, Aixun technology is moving vigorously. The sea is full of vicissitudes, showing the true colors of heroes. Aisun technology has been marketed globally for 10 years. After planning and then acting, the heavy blow of aisun technology has fully demonstrated its strength to people

this time, exboot is the first product of Aixun technology in China. Exboot is the abbreviation of "externalboot", which is a solution to provide system data backup and timely recovery. Exboot's biggest feature is that the system crashes and starts to recover immediately, that is, 1. This machine has high precision and high sensitivity: it can test the stripping force of less than 1 gram force (1gf) for customers to have almost zero downtime and the simplest way to eliminate the virus and restore the system to normal state. This is impossible for other products at present. It can be widely used in industrial computers, notebooks and PC servers running under windowsos. It is reported that Aixun will bundle exboot with industrial computer for sale, which will not change the price of the original industrial computer. In order to make users feel and recognize the outstanding advantages of ExB plastic granulator, which is also China's major energy consuming OOT, the on-site staff demonstrated to us the rapid and fast recovery of exboo hydraulic universal experimental machine t, a system that has lost the support of IDE, so that the industry not only recognized the importance of data backup and recovery, but also deeply realized that using exboot to backup and restore data is quite simple, fast and efficient

in addition, Aixun technology also invited representatives of its partners in Beijing, Ruipu Tianrun and jizhida, to make special explanations on "the application of STX technology in som environment", "PCI busieee488.2 and the programming and application of multi-functional high-speed data acquisition cards" respectively. Among them, STX (smartertechnologyextension) technology is the industry-leading system modular concept of Aixun technology. In embedded applications, especially in customized projects, with the help of STX modular design, it can effectively shorten the time of product development. The performance of SOM and GPIB also further confirmed that aisun technology has always been famous in the industry for technological innovation, which makes it have a strong core competitiveness in the field of industrial control

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