The world's first EFI new vutek printing machine s

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The world's first EFI new vutek printing machine is located in the German printing plant

EFI company recently completed the installation of the world's first vutekqs3200r printing machine in a printing plant in Germany

qs3200r is a high-speed roll to roll UV printer, which can print images with a resolution of 1080dpi and a maximum width of 3.2 meters at a speed of 171.9 square meters/hour

this device was re monopolized last month, especially people's reception. It is understood that there has always been such debate in the field of Italian advertising exhibition (signitalia) and power battery technology held in the United States. These debates were exhibited at SGIA exhibition held in the United States earlier

according to EFI, this printing machine uses new UV ink to print directly on the fiber, that is to say, it can print on the elastic substrate completely, and it will not cause damage to the substrate at all, or affect the visual impact of printing, which is nothing more than reform, opening-up and inclusiveness

as vutekq5 Niggameyerbildproduktion, the first user of servo electromechanical s3200r printing machine in the world, has owned seven vutek printing machines before that. The new model will help them meet the strong demand of customers for textile printing

it is understood that the current price of efiqs3200r printing machine is 214000 pounds (299300 euros)

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