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AkzoNobel, member of the top ten coating selection committee, Yang Xianghong delivered a speech

in the 2008 three-year energy-saving products benefiting the people project, through financial subsidies, to strengthen the promotion and use of energy-efficient products and improve the energy efficiency of energy-saving products. In the annual Top Ten coating raw and auxiliary materials selection activity, Huicong coating, the main organizer, specially invited 51 coating experts and the heads of technology and procurement of domestic coating enterprises as the expert jury, Before the awarding ceremony of the top ten coating raw and auxiliary materials brands, the representative of the top ten coating selection committee, Mr. adnipi: high precision medical catheter and TPE particles, Mr. Yang Xianghong, director of solvent procurement in Asia Pacific region of kzonobel group, director of procurement in China region of industrial coatings department, introduced the selection process and work content of the jury to the participants, and congratulated the award-winning enterprises

Mr. Yang Xianghong, Asia Pacific solvent procurement director of AkzoNobel group and China procurement director of industrial coatings Department (Huicong coating with pictures)

Yang Xianghong: Good afternoon, expert leaders and friends. I am very happy to be here at the coating award ceremony today. On behalf of me, not only can the indication error meet the needs, our group is very honored. I think many people don't know that we were rated as the first Dow Jones sustainable development enterprise in the global chemical industry in 2007 and the second Dow Jones sustainable development enterprise in 2008. Our sustainable development comes from our suppliers, our support, and our customers' support. Here, Huicong has given you many answers. Huicong is my best competitor from the top ten paint brands selected. Huicong's top ten foreign brands are also suppliers that cooperate and grow with us all over the world. These suppliers you see that the top ten brands are not the lowest price, and we also know that it is impossible to buy cheap ones. Langsheng inorganic oxide pigments are the most expensive, etc., but they can make you money. They can make the best coatings that meet the requirements of customers and are most suitable for quality coatings, which is very competitive. It doesn't mean that all foreign brands can survive in China, because many foreign suppliers asked me that our cooperation in Europe is very good. Why is it so difficult to cooperate in China? The opportunity is not impossible, because our cultural regions are different. HC selected the top ten foreign brand suppliers and gave the best answer, such as DuPont. They are well adapted to the Chinese market and can help Chinese enterprises well. They can also help foreign enterprises, such as ours, to serve Chinese customers more. As a Chinese, I prefer to help my own national brands and enterprises. HC also gives the answer here. I see a lot of friends. As a national brand, we are also focusing on the brand of full cooperation. Take Jiangsu Sanmu for example. We are very surprised. They have also successfully made the first amino resin with formaldehyde content, which is rare at home and abroad

when I met Guangfu building materials, there were only two workers. Today, they have accounted for 70% of the market for calcium carbonate supply. We are also proud of them. When they cooperated in 1996, there were only two of them, and now they are very good. This 21 salute was not because of the price, but because of their stable service quality and cost performance. We are also glad to see the top ten dealers here. We know that many additives, excipients and even Rohm Haas coatings need our traders' services, which are also the top ten for us. These are our partners who are very willing to cooperate

thank HC and all the guests here. We are very willing to cooperate with you. I am willing to help the national enterprises here. My purpose is not to import 100% raw materials. I hope to use local materials. I hope to get your support. Our enterprise hopes to get your support. Thank you

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