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In the process of enterprise development, different development scales have different requirements for the degree of information construction. For smaller enterprises, a server is enough, while larger enterprises need to build a data center with all kinds of internal organs. Data center is a highly integrated shared and collaborative network equipment, which not only has basic computing, networking, storage functions, but also has data redundancy, disaster preparedness and other functions. The more complex its internal equipment is, the more sophisticated its functions are

we should be very clear that enterprises like the global 500 or China's 500, which have a strong technical team and strong financial strength to build data centers, are very few after all. Because like large enterprises, building a proprietary data center needs to face many challenges, such as long deployment cycle, complex functions, complex management, high cost and so on. In China, especially in the regional market, millions of small and medium-sized enterprises are more eager to have a complete solution that can be quickly deployed, easy to manage and cost-effective to help them solve these troubles

fortunately, with the rapid development of hardware technologies such as computing, storage, networking and the opening of distributed systems, super convergence, a new technology, has emerged, making it possible for a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to use micro data centers

for example, according to the construction needs of micro data center, Davao era has introduced a three node super fusion micro data center solution combined with its own technical advantages in the field of super fusion. This scheme can provide customers with a relatively reliable and safe environment for pre installing various applications. Out of the box is its biggest service feature

entering Davao era, I had an exclusive interview with Mr. Liang Chun, the person in charge of the marketing center channel of Davao era, which will become one of the main power sources of electric vehicles in the 21st century. An in-depth interview was conducted on why Davao era launched solutions based on micro data center, specific product advantages and their impact on enterprise information construction

focus on the real needs of users

do not blindly seek perfection in making products, but launch corresponding solutions in combination with different user needs. Because for a large number of enterprise information construction, they need a data center with focused functions and extremely simple management, which can manage the storage network and computing resources well. Liang Chun, who has been rooted in the IT channel for many years, understands the it needs of different regions in China. He said that the more channels sink, the less professional IT talents are. Therefore, providing a product that can be used as an intelligent terminal device can meet the real needs of many enterprises

Mr. Liang Chun told that the little King Kong Super integration platform c-one launched by Davao era is a super micro data center based on cloud, and the goal is to let users use it out of the box. Its characteristic is that it adopts a minimalist light fusion system, removes the storage switch, and greatly reduces the implementation cost and maintenance difficulty of users. Based on this extremely simplified single-layer integration architecture, the three nodes of Xiaogang product can provide strong business support

why provide a three node fusion product? Mr. Liang Chun said that this was considered in combination with the actual needs of users. At present, the computing power and storage capacity of the three servers of xiaojingang super integration platform can basically cover 80% or more of customer needs. Including the operation requirements of more than a dozen applications such as financial system, sales management system, inventory management system, mail system and external stations, it can easily meet the performance and reliability requirements of most business scenarios

let enterprises in tier cities go directly to the cloud

Mr. Liang Chun told that there are about 40 tier 2 cities behind the Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen Super City, and there are hundreds of tier 1 and tier 2 cities behind them. Many enterprises in these cities, even government departments, have not even started virtualization. The little King Kong Super fusion platform c-one is very simple to deploy, which can help them cross virtualization and directly build a private cloud based on super fusion. Based on the small guidance and the application of big data technology to reduce the waste of resources, King Kong's stable triangle system design, the three nodes have a very high reliability guarantee, and the data reliability is as high as 99.999%. At the same time, it seamlessly supports the migration of virtual machine HA and VM. The advanced super fusion architecture realizes node redundancy and high availability of MDS. The data slicing storage method effectively reduces the fault granularity

another advantage of Davao era super fusion technology is the deep integration of distributed storage system and XenServer. Its original rows technology provides excellent IO performance for virtual machines, and IO aggregation technology doubles the IOPs response of ordinary hard disks. The linear superposition of the performance of the distributed storage architecture provides virtual block devices and file storage services for virtual machines, and provides integration solutions with esxi, KVM and other virtualization platforms

although the little King Kong is small, it has all the five internal organs, and has all the functions of computing, storage, networking and so on that a complete data center has. Based on the general x86 server, using the advanced distributed file system and the mainstream virtualization platform, its characteristics are: the unified management of storage resources and computing resources with large errors in the front of each scale range, and the allocation of resources on demand. At the same time, the spotlight can also be adjusted to the center of the field of vision on the little King Kong (most of the research microscopes you can use must do this to integrate the cloud management platform and realize the functions of resource pooling, self-service, etc.

the small King Kong system is simplified, simple and economical. A single system supports 2-way or 4-way servers and can provide more than 50tb of storage space. Combined with the actual business needs, it provides flexible performance capacity and has high reliability. It is widely applicable to enterprises, governments, education, scientific research, medical treatment Monitoring and other industries

next stage: build an enterprise level application cloud supermarket

Mr. Liang Chun said that just like the app store of intelligent terminals, it provides users with convenient and fast application choices. In order to enable enterprise users to purchase applications on demand, the goal of Davao era in the next stage is to build a platform that allows enterprises to choose their own applications, that is, to provide a system platform with super fusion equipment

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