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Creo company of the United States launched a unique new invisible anti-counterfeiting technology

with the rapid development of the world commodity economy, the packaging commodity market is booming. At the same time, the phenomenon of fake and inferior commodities flooding the market has become a worldwide problem that needs to be solved urgently

according to statistics, the world's industry needs to spend nearly $450billion a year to crack down on fake and shoddy goods. Counterfeiting goods of inferior quality with fake ones seriously damages the image of high-quality famous brand goods, and also causes huge economic and spiritual losses to the majority of consumers, merchants and production enterprises

for this reason, packaging commodity production enterprises, such as pharmaceutical production enterprises and cosmetics production enterprises, try to use high-tech and special materials to reproduce complex information on the logo and continue to increase the difficulty of counterfeiting, and make anti-counterfeiting logo and set it on a single product package to prevent counterfeiting. Common anti-counterfeiting technologies include laser holographic technology, fluorescent materials, watermark paper, anti-counterfeiting ink, gravure printing technology, safety line technology, bar code technology, magnetic code anti-counterfeiting technology, electronic code anti-counterfeiting technology, information anti-counterfeiting (network anti-counterfeiting), etc. However, the anti-counterfeiting signs made with this kind of anti-counterfeiting technology are either easy to be imitated by counterfeiters and cannot be controlled, or they are too dependent on advanced equipment and the production cost is too high, which makes enterprises unable to accept. Therefore, the research and development of safe, reliable, practical and effective anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeiting facilities has become a hot spot in the market. This article introduces the readers to a new high-tech stealth anti-counterfeiting technology developed by Creo company, a subsidiary of Kodak company in the United States. This technology has the characteristics of high technology, high reliability, low cost, easy identification and impossibility of imitation

Creo, a subsidiary of Kodak, has recently developed a new high-tech invisible anti-counterfeiting identification and reading system. The system can not only provide a very reliable identification of the authenticity of all kinds of famous brand goods, but also widely apply to the anti-counterfeiting of ordinary low, medium and high-end goods and valuable tickets, such as medicine, cosmetics, high-grade cigarettes, famous brand drinks, all kinds of transportation packages, passports, bank notes, paper money and all other important items

the core of this high-tech stealth anti-counterfeiting technology is mainly embodied in a high-tech special material called Creo "tags". After highly concentrated, this high-tech special material becomes tiny particles and is added to anti-counterfeiting labels or products. When the addition amount is less than 2 parts per million, this high-tech special material particle is invisible, so the anti-counterfeiting logo made by adding this special material particle is a real invisible anti-counterfeiting logo. This anti-counterfeiting mark can be set on the outer package of the product, on a certain part of a single product, or even in raw materials, which can achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting 100%

creo's newly developed high-tech marker particles for invisible anti-counterfeiting technology can be added to the raw materials for making labels, as well as printing ink, pulp, paint, glaze and other raw and auxiliary materials to form multi-form and multi-mode anti-counterfeiting

such invisible "tags" can only be read by Creo reader. Creo anti-counterfeiting system adopts a unique particle space relationship technology to set a unique but higher price particle space relationship identification diagram for each product, and give its unique password "ID card" (that is, password you will not encounter a more popular choice ID than plastic), and then store the unique and unique identity password of each product set into the mobile identification database. The mobile database can retrieve, catalogue and compare hundreds of millions of "ID card" password characters in one thousandth of a second. While focusing on the hardware, we should also look at the fact that the parametric high-tech stealth anti-counterfeiting technology of the experimental machine is superior to anti-counterfeiting technologies such as bar code, DNA, coding indicator, magnetic ink character recognition, magnetic ink, machine readable characters and radio frequency identification, and provides more reliable anti-counterfeiting functions on the basis of cost far lower than these anti-counterfeiting systems. For convenience, Creo reader is designed in three styles, the first is hand-held; The second is the concealed use type, which is designed as a pen type, and the overall size is exactly the same as that of an ordinary pen; The third type is integrated, which has the function of high-speed detection and resolution, and can detect and read 100 passwords per second

creo high-tech stealth technology is widely used. For example, a unique Creo invisible logo is set on the inspection list of each packaged goods. When enterprises or businesses purchase goods, the buyer can use the Creo detection system to check the authenticity of the inspection list, the manufacturing details, batch and validity period of the incoming goods. These data and information are very important in commodity transactions. The results verified by this highly reliable stealth technology detection system can help the buyer decide whether to perform or cancel the commodity transaction, or whether the traded commodity comes from improper channels, such as the black market. Through Creo's high-tech invisible anti-counterfeiting technology to verify commodity packaging, commodity labels, and commodity parts, the authenticity of commodities can be accurately determined, so as to fundamentally eliminate the listing of fake and shoddy commodities and ensure the circulation and sales of original commodities. Cracking down on fake and shoddy commodities and maintaining the normal order of the commodity market is still a major problem in the world. To solve this problem, we must rely on advanced high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology. If the production enterprise of original goods adopts Creo high-tech invisible anti-counterfeiting technology to set up anti-counterfeiting facilities on its own products, it is easy to detect counterfeit goods and black market goods in front of market purchase inspectors or national customs commodity inspection officials equipped with Creo readers

no matter how clever the counterfeiter is, it is impossible to imitate Creo's high-tech stealth anti-counterfeiting system. First of all, Creo mobile database adopts advanced data encryption technology to ensure the security of anti-counterfeiting password; Secondly, any anti-counterfeiting identity password (password ID) is unique and can only be automatically confirmed by cre-o system; Thirdly, Creo's unique high-tech special material "tags" are invisible. Even if the imitators use the highly sensitive court tracking and scanning technology, they can't find Creo's unique "tags" in the material

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