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Create a service system and realize the transformation of product service-oriented organization

in the red sea of fierce competition, through the introduction of consulting projects, Dongfang Machinery started the first year of difficult and outstanding transformation and transformation for all cadres and employees, and also passed through the 18th year of the company's establishment. Although there were no flowers and commemorative ceremonies, the company achieved the characterization of this milestone in the process of suffering hardships. Today, Oriental is facing great development opportunities. Compared with large international enterprises, our scale is still small, but we have ideals. We need to think about the essence of our industry with an attitude of introspection and self-examination? What is our development experience for many years? How can we live

on the one hand, we should be glad that Dongfang Machinery's product research and development has been carrying out innovation with a follow-up strategy, which enables us to carry out product strategy in line with customer needs. Although we are still relatively conservative as a whole and the speed of innovation is still relatively slow, it has been proved that all starting points of product research and development must be based on customer needs, rather than simple technical pursuit. On the other hand, our product price is also at the middle and high-end level in the industry, which is often questioned by customers. The above product and price strategy makes us think that customers can buy Oriental products with us? How can we make customers recognize us? What is the customer value we realize

no matter what the possible growth rate of the industry in the future, I believe that the day of overcapacity and homogeneous competition will eventually come, which will also drag the carton machinery industry into a quagmire. Relying on a simple price war, there will be no winners on this road, and there is no doubt that we will have to face more brutal competition. The global economic crisis that has not passed has also prompted us to deeply reflect on the past and re-examine our strategy. We deeply understand that only customers are the source of strength to support our survival and development. The only purpose of Dongfang Machinery is to help customers create value. Only the development of customers will bring the development of Dongfang Machinery. We must be more determined to stay with our customers; We understand that the only way to realize customer value is by employees. Zhan Zhongxian, general manager of Shanghai Jintang Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., believes that it is the hundreds of employees of Dongfang Machinery. Only the improvement of employee value can improve the overall ability of the company and achieve the goal of helping customers create value. The exertion of employees' creativity enables the company to face any difficulties, and also enables us to have a deeper understanding of the importance of employees and realize that the basic strategy in the future is people-oriented and the pursuit of employees' value. Looking back, the growth of the market has proved that our thinking is correct, and also convinced us that only the growth rooted in employees and customers is sustainable growth, and we have just started on this road

today, there are signs of recovery in China's economy and the world economy, especially the strong performance of domestic economic indicators. It seems that we are gradually coming out of the abyss of this round of global crisis. However, we need to be sober that the serious homogenization of products, R & D, market model and strategic positioning in the carton machinery industry will inevitably lead to the continuous decline of the industry's profits and even the overall loss in the future. This stage is an unprecedented development opportunity faced by Dongfang Machinery since its establishment, and the premise is that we must solve a strategic core problem: where does the growth of Dongfang Machinery come from? When the industry declines, how can we ensure sustained growth? No matter how the external environment changes, Dongfang Machinery must maintain the ability of continuous growth. The growth of Dongfang Machinery must come from within and from the company's growing ability to create value

(I) development strategy of Oriental Machinery: from product competition to value chain competition of products + services

the development strategy of Oriental Machinery has experienced the process of deepening and upgrading its understanding of the industry. At the beginning of its establishment, the industry generally did not pay attention to technology, and the company made its start and initial development through technology leadership; The industry has entered the stage of full competition. With the purpose of controlling costs and expanding scale, the industry has adopted qualitative means such as price reduction. The company has formulated a comprehensive specialization strategy and achieved steady development by establishing comprehensive professional advantages in technology, production and management; The basic logic of the development of Dongfang Machinery is to create value for customers and ensure that customers obtain profits that exceed the product level of competitors. We have always emphasized that customer value determines the value of the company. Only the appreciation of customer value can ensure the sustainable growth of the company in the future. This is the basis of our strategy

we must build our professional advantages around customer needs and the chain of customer needs. We should establish the advantages of Dongfang Machinery in all links of customer needs understanding, solution design and service system. In recent years, we have carried out research and investment in product innovation and market team, and made some breakthroughs. However, we have made slow progress in the construction of service system, especially team construction, which has become the bottleneck of our development. To prevent rust is also the core problem that we need to solve urgently

it can be believed that the bottleneck of industry development stems from the competition in the whole industry, which only does product links, and deviates from the real needs of customers. The homogenization of enterprise strategy, technology and marketing results in customers buying machines, not value. At present, most domestic carton machinery enterprises do not provide services, which is not only the dilemma and pressure we face, but also the unprecedented opportunity we face

our way out is to rise from the pure product competition to the value chain competition of product + service. The company, employees and customers constitute the basic value chain, and it is difficult to create value in a single link. For example, only relying on the product itself cannot guarantee to bring sustainable profits to customers. We should provide customers with better products, process services, solutions and life cycle management, and train customers to master advanced technologies and concepts. We must be soberly aware that we must achieve our customers rather than ourselves, because the future competition is the competition between customers. We must turn our customers into high-quality customers, and turn the high-quality customers in the market into our customers. To achieve the goal, the key is to establish a service system

(II) the company's competitive strategy in the next few years

the company will continue to maintain stable and rapid growth in the future. Our medium and long-term goal is to become the first domestic and international leading solution enterprise with sustainable growth ability

1. Create a service system

we should realize that the real core advantage is not a simple product advantage, but a complete combination of all links around the whole value chain. The loss of any link may cause the loss of customers' interests. The only way to achieve a complete combination is to establish a service system, which is the core and essence of our value chain competition. A strong service system will truly reflect the core competitiveness of Dongfang Machinery in the future. Solutions, service products, service commitments and customer satisfaction management systems will become the tools of the service system and the platform behind the service system. The role of the service system is to integrate the advantages of all links and provide customers with a complete set of solutions. In the future, we will no longer compete with carton machinery enterprises. As long as we can ensure the continuous profits of customers using Oriental products and the profits higher than the competitors by more than 20%, we can continue to develop rapidly. This is our understanding of competition: that is, the essence of competitive strategy is to stay away from competition. The construction of service system is divided into three aspects. And the software can be expanded according to users' requirements. The first aspect is the creation of service system, such as service process, service standard, solution, service product, service commitment and customer satisfaction management system. This is a service system platform, which is relatively easy to organize, because it is all work on the point, and with the company's innovation ability, I believe there will be a big breakthrough in the next two years. The second aspect is the building and management of the service team, which is the implementation platform of the service system and the platform to integrate various elements to support customers. This is a slightly difficult link. It needs the support of a large team, and the team itself needs strong professional ability. This gives us a very big challenge: on the one hand, we need to quickly expand the team, on the other hand, we need to make everyone in the team quickly improve their ability to master the products and technologies in all links, so as to achieve customer service ability. The third service is the transformation of the service concept within the scope of the whole company, which is the most difficult and difficult to achieve, that is, the company is not only the service department and sales department, but also every department and everyone needs to have a high degree of customer awareness and service concept, regard the next process as customers, carry out the company without distinction, and realize the ideological transformation guided by the interests of customers and process

the construction of service system is a project facing great difficulties, but it is something we cannot escape and have to do. It is the key to building our core competitiveness and the core work of cadres at all levels in the next two years. We must think systematically from the aspects of organizational structure, team training and management mode. Realizing the transformation from product sales to service marketing is the basic strategy of the company in the future, and it should be gradually accelerated. We need to establish a strong model of cultivating, developing and seizing customers through the service system, which means to make customers dependent on the company. The company's resources will be inclined to service and market. Cadres at all levels of the company should pay attention to the market and service, and senior cadres should also work with sales managers to focus on meeting customer needs and on the construction of sales and service teams. It will be a great challenge for us to establish a passionate sales and service team with large number and strong professional ability as soon as possible

the improvement of the service system will support us to grow rapidly, and more importantly, it will form a unique and difficult to replicate profit model of Dongfang Machinery. When the service is gradually implemented, it will bring rapid growth in the sales of service products, spare parts and other supporting products, which will not only bring great benefits to customers, but also bring great returns to the company. The company will be more able to invest more in research and development, expand product technology advantages, and occupy high-quality customers faster. The development of the company will no longer rely solely on product profits. The company will lower its pursuit of product profits and take products as a tool to occupy high-quality customers to a greater extent. The return generated by the service will support us to allocate more sales and service personnel and provide support to more customers, so as to achieve greater growth

(III) some problems in the process of establishing a service system

1. Unified thinking

the construction of service system is difficult, but it is precisely because of difficulties that it is more valuable. Because service itself is creating great value, creating excess value for customers, companies and employees. This is the only way for us to stay away from competition. We have no choice. Service needs to be promoted from top to bottom. The understanding and ideas of the general manager, departments and managers at all levels are crucial if

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