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Creative design of Wilson Golf shrink sleeve packaging

as the leader of high-end golf equipment, Wilson Golf launched a marketing campaign called velocity matters in 2003. The event showed a new golf brand named Jack and a women's golf brand named Jill. Jack and Jill products have a soft touch and can be played further. Besides, they have abandoned the traditional carton packaging and used a new printing shrink sleeve label

after passing through the double zone contraction channel, the packaging is completed. The higher shrinkage ratio makes the sealing of both ends of the package more reliable

"the unique shape of the packaging has been quickly recognized and has aroused the interest of more and more consumers," said Doug sellers, senior production manager of Wilson golf. He also told PD that the package attracted the interest of all customers, but it was mainly launched for men aged 25 to 45. The retail price of three Jack golf balls in shrink wrap is $4.99

Wilson Golf factory in Humboldt, Tennessee produces, packs and wholesales golf balls. Wilson uses ez-100 shrink sleeve label processing machine produced by axon company and ez-48-sr8 heat shrinkable channel to produce shrink sleeve labels. "The system has low initial investment, fast production speed and short replacement time," said Ed Farley, sales director of axon

the faster the better

the idea of this new packaging comes from Fort Dearborn. This kind of packaging will help them enter the growing new market for promotional golf balls. The replacement time of printed film is very fast, which enables the company to provide consumers with a variety of packaging, including seasonal, promotional and event commemorative packaging, such as packaging with international market warming and NFL building lighting design standard gb/t 50033 (2) 001 League (NFL) or MLB team logo. In addition, the cost of materials has decreased significantly. Shrink sleeve labels made of 2mil PETG material are being used in all packaging applications. This shrink sleeve label is provided by print flex and century digital, and is printed by flexographic printing. Jack and Jill use five colors for the logo, and the color of the shrink logo of promotional clothes varies according to the design

this new shrink sleeve label makes the company see an opportunity to reduce the common inventory expenses of traditional packaging. Wilson stored pre cut and pre formed carton labels before using this new package. "3500 new shrink sleeve labels are installed on a single drum, which makes storage much easier," sellers said. At the same time, the roll film is also easy to tear and peel

double line packaging

the factory has installed two packaging lines for specific processing operations, and ez-100 shrink sleeve labeling machine is used on both lines. The first line is mainly used for customized label products, while processing short-term and seasonal promotional products. The first line shrink sleeve marking machine is connected with the original facilities through a runway conveyor. It is difficult to achieve the sustainable development goal of the industry. The second line is a mixed line, which manufactures shrink sleeve labels for Jack's 5-Pack and 3-Pack Golf retail product lines

shrink sleeve label films are available in various sizes - promotional products use small reels, but the largest reel diameter is 15 inches. The film unfolds and passes through the shrink sleeve marking machine, which is driven by the grader drive system. Then through a molding equipment called bullet. Here, the film is cut by the cutting machine system. The system uses an optical fiber printing alignment system to ensure that the label is cut in the correct position

the standard size of a single shrink sleeve is: About 2.80 x 5.15 inches for 3 balls, and about 2.80 x 7 inches for 4 balls. After the length of the film is cut out correctly, the shrink sleeve label is fixed by the film clamping system. When the steel fixture approaches the system, it passes through a camera eye, which starts the machine to release the label to the fixture. The fixture is composed of four sharp forks, which can hold 3 or 4 golf balls

on the first line, after the shrink sleeve labeling machine removes the label to the fixture, three operators manually put four golf balls into the fixture. The test of removing the fixing device and the shrink sleeve shows that it is easy to install the ball into the shrink sleeve label and the fixing device, but on the contrary, it is not so easy to wrap the ball with the shrink sleeve label

after the fixtures of the two lines are full, the fixtures pass through the double zone contraction channel of the ez-48-sr8 machine. The double zone setting of the contraction channel enables the operation program to start at a lower temperature. The first zone is set with a lower temperature, and the shrinkage process is gradually started. The second zone completes the operation at a much higher temperature. The shrinkage ratio is 65%. After passing through the double zone contraction channel, the packaging is completed. The higher shrinkage ratio makes the sealing of both ends of the package more reliable. The contraction channel uses convection heating

the production efficiency of the second line is about 25 sets per minute, 5 days a week, 2 shifts a day. Because of the packaging used for promotional products, the production efficiency of the first line fluctuates. The third line installed in the first quarter of 2004 used axon components to realize the automation of the whole line, including the automatic ball loading system

sellers said, "there are three main factors that we give TORLON reg; Pai processors to support the continued use of axon equipment: ease of production of custom packaging, cost reduction by saving paperboard consumption, and our excellent working relationship with axon."

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