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Huawei cloud era, create a secure and flexible video surveillance solution

2016 "Huawei cloud monitoring lecture" is about to begin. After we discussed three topics, including safe city, safe campus and traffic monitoring in 2015, this year we invited relevant experts to discuss in depth the development trend of cloud monitoring technology and intelligent analysis. In addition, metal veneers can further enhance its flame retardant performance, It is also proportional to the deformation of elasticity. Welcome to our seminar entitled discussion on the development trend of video cloud monitoring technology held at 14:30 and 15:30 on September 29, 2016. If you want to learn more, please click the following link to register for the meeting, and you may win glory 8 and shopping card

in this issue, Huawei enterprise business China Ping An City solution experts will discuss with you the development trend of video cloud monitoring technology from three aspects, and how to create an extremely safe, flexible and efficient video monitoring solution

challenges faced by today's video surveillance

at present, some internal networks of governments and enterprises with high security requirements may be attacked by hacker intrusion, internal information leakage, and the entry of bad information. Therefore, the network security measures taken should, on the one hand, ensure the stable operation of the business and office systems and networks of relevant departments, and, on the other hand, protect the security of sensitive data and information running internally. But in fact, some current video surveillance systems lack data protection mechanism, which often leads to the inability to obtain evidence; There is a single performance bottleneck in the system architecture, which often causes business interruption; The system lacks network security design and is easy to be attacked by criminals; Lack of network management ability and large investment of manpower still cannot achieve good results

challenges faced by video surveillance today

the era of video cloud based on Cloud Architecture has arrived

the development of video surveillance has experienced three stages: analog system, digital analog hybrid system and digital system. At this stage, HD and intelligence have become the mainstream of the times, and the stability, reliability and security of the system have also become the focus of attention. With the gradual development and large-scale application of HD, in order to meet the growing domestic high-end market demand for environmental protection and high-performance polyester film, the transmission, forwarding, storage and application of HD video pose a severe challenge to the supporting hardware platform. The traditional IT architecture can not meet the large-scale deployment and application of HD video monitoring, which is more efficient, energy-saving, stable and reliable cloud computing The application of cloud storage technology will be the trend of monitoring development in the future

new technology revolution drives efficiency improvement

Huawei cloud monitoring solution: extremely safe, elastic and efficient

real cloud monitoring is to build a video cloud with end-to-end resource pool management of monitoring services, computing and storage resources at the same time, so as to ensure that the system has no single point of failure, dynamic business migration, distributed parallel computing, and efficiency improvement is proportional to the number of devices, At the same time, it provides three guarantees of extreme security: first, full migration of nodes: dynamic load balancing is achieved among multiple video cloud nodes. If any device fails, its bearing services will be automatically and concurrently migrated to all other healthy video cloud nodes, Ensure the uninterrupted whole service of video monitoring (compared with the n+1 cluster and n+m backup mechanism of the traditional monitoring platform, the core advantage is that there is no need to increase the standby machine, the service migration is a concurrent mechanism, and the efficiency is n times that of the n+1 cluster mechanism. Cloud scheduling realizes the unified scheduling of video services, computing resources and storage resources, and the processing efficiency of all business instructions is greatly improved)

second, the bad disk is not interrupted: the static arc height of a single video: dynamic load balancing can be achieved among multiple raid groups within the cloud node. If any raid group fails, its bearing services will automatically migrate to other healthy raid groups to ensure the uninterrupted whole service of video (traditional monitoring platforms cannot realize the dynamic migration of video services between raid groups)

third, frame dropping without image dropping: when multiple hard disks in the raid group are damaged at the same time, only part of the frame data is lost, and the image is still visible, which does not affect video forensics. The hard disks in each raid group can be clouded, and after the raid group fails due to the damage of multiple hard disks, the video recording is still readable, so as to meet the recording data security to the greatest extent (traditional RAID technology, RAID5 can realize that after one hard disk is damaged, the data is readable, and after multiple hard disks are damaged, the hard disk data of the whole raid group is lost)

as the world's leading supplier of information communication and solutions, Huawei has the largest R & D platform, the most advanced technology and technical team in China. We will continue to provide customers with a more secure, stable, reliable and intelligent video monitoring system to provide a more powerful guarantee for urban security

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