Creating cloud call center solutions in the hottes

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Creating cloud call center solutions in the cloud era

on June 13, the next generation call center and enterprise communication development forum, initiated by Mr. Liu Guangda, China's call center industry resource commentator, by pressing the "input i/4" key, was successfully held in Beijing. After more than a year of planning and discussion, the forum invited managers, technical directors and engineering technicians from large, medium and small enterprises in the field of domestic call centers

the forum discussed the technical status of China's call center industry through the personal experience of call center related enterprises and departments in real cases in the past 20 years. The main line of the forum revolves around the report on the development and current situation of China's call center industry announced by Mr. Liu Guangda. When talking about a certain technology hotspot, relevant enterprises or individuals will insert their own reports one after another

with the launch of Mr. Liu Guangda's report, Beijing asks everyone to rest assured that using cloud times Technology Co., Ltd. to offer participants cloud + end products with independent intellectual property rights and desktop cloud integration has become a new class of fire hazard solutions, bringing simple, environmental friendly and energy-saving call center solutions to the call center industry; Du JinFang, the author of the authoritative guide to freeswitch, introduced the open source soft switch platform freeswitch, as well as its application and development trend at home and abroad; Finally, the delegates discussed the value orientation and development prospects of the all media call center, which is currently the most concerned in the industry

the cloud era is committed to leading the new it working mode in the post PC era. By deploying the desktop virtualization system in the cloud era, you can achieve a completely consistent access experience for any device, at any time, anywhere, whether in the office, on business or at home, and can comply with the international trend of bringing your own device to work (byod). Start working in the cloud, and start from the left: Sean Cooper of the national composite center, Graeme Herlihy of Engel, Paul Gallen of the national composite center, and Christian wolfsberge of Engel

the cloud era is currently based on the domestic market, especially in education, central enterprises, government, military and other industries

cloud era is the only independent desktop cloud plus full range of cloud terminal software and hardware overall solution manufacturer in China

cloud era is the first brand of China's independent desktop cloud plus full range of cloud terminal software and hardware overall solutions

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