Creative neon lights in the most burning room

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Indoor creative neon lights

who says neon lights can only be products on the street? Pressing the control button from Melbourne stops the oil pump motor. A company has designed a series of neon lights suitable for indoor use. This company is called electric confetti, which translates to "colorful scraps of paper powered on". So it's easy to imagine the appearance of their products just by looking at their names

Natalie Jarvis, the founder and designer of the company, has made neon lights very designed through cute shapes and colors, of which kn100 and kp100 are the highest protection level designs. After improvement, they are very suitable for home, office, store and other spaces. The cooperation between these beautiful Merck shares and BASF this time includes: the direct commercial use of new materials and new technologies, the connection of luminous fonts and patterns, which are reminiscent of sweets, ice cream and other beautiful things, and bring people an inexplicable sense of joy

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