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Energy Administration: the wind power equipment industry should be greatly improved in three to five years

the national development and Reform Commission and other departments held the Fourth Department Joint Information Conference on "curbing overcapacity and redundant construction in some industries and guiding the sustainable and healthy development of the industry" on the morning of December 30. The responsible comrades of the industry department of the development and Reform Commission, the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the new energy department of the National Energy Administration introduced the implementation of the spirit of GF [2009] No. 38 document, Regulate and guide the healthy development of coal chemical industry, wind power equipment and other industries

Shi Lishan, deputy director of the new energy department of the national energy administration, introduced the relevant situation of guiding the healthy development of the wind power equipment industry, and said in answer to questions: led by the science and Technology Department of the national energy administration, all departments involved have set up a leading group for wind power industry standards, and the testing capacity has been arranged. For example, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has arranged him to do blade testing, and this laboratory is under construction. We have arranged for the state power company to build an experimental wind farm. I believe that in the next three to five years, our wind power system and everyone's cognitive ability of wind power equipment will continue to improve. From the evolution of wind power in recent years, I think there should be a big improvement in three to five years

problems in wind power industry. Mainly in the following aspects:

first, the ability of independent innovation is not strong, mainly relying on the introduction of foreign technology. For example, all our equipment and technology are imported from abroad or international cooperation, and the ability of independent development is not strong, and there is still a big gap compared with foreign countries. Now, due to the short time, there are also some gaps in product quality and reliability. Now it is necessary to accurately judge the gap with foreign countries. There are no qualitative and quantitative indicators, but the wind power industry is also an experience accumulation industry. Generally speaking, there are still some minor problems

second, we lack a complete testing and certification system. Wind turbines need testing and certification to judge its quality, but we already have some capabilities, but our capabilities are not strong enough. The weak detection ability makes it difficult for the industry to accurately judge the advantages and disadvantages of equipment, which is a great constraint we are facing now. Now everyone says that the investment in wind power equipment is relatively overheated, because wind power is an industry dominated by the industrial chain. If you introduce a set of equipment and buy a set of drawings, you can produce equipment. This threshold is relatively low, because major parts enterprises, such as our motor and gear box industries, have not seen new repeated construction, no motor factory and gear box factory have been built for wind power, and all of them are complete machine enterprises, Build a factory, so this kind of repeated construction is easy to occur. Now we are talking about repeated construction. Now everyone, such as importance and classification code, wants to enter this industry. Now it is a little blind to invest in this industry. At present, it is difficult to digest so much capacity in the near future. Of course, now there are more than 70 equipment manufacturing enterprises, only 10 may really have the ability, and only 3 may truly form a batch. Through appropriate guidance, we can improve the risk of investment in this industry, which will play an important role in promoting the healthy development of this industry

the main factor that really restricts the rapid development of wind power now is the problem of power operation. One is the impact of large-scale wind power construction on our current traditional power system due to wind energy resources, which requires an adaptation process. Second, many of our wind energy resources are now in the north. Most of the wind energy resources in the northern region are concentrated in winter. The north also needs heating, and the heating load cannot operate flexibly. These load characteristics and power structure characteristics are also the difficulties in the operation of wind power in the northern region in winter. These are the contradictions in the development and operation of wind power. The solution of these contradictions requires a process, which requires good research, Study the characteristics of wind power and power supply. In order to promote the development of wind power, we all know that wind power is now the most large-scale development and utilization of a new energy technology. The development of wind power is the most important measure for us to deal with climate change, reduce greenhouse gases and meet energy needs. In order to promote the sustainable development of wind power, we should strengthen the planning of wind power, especially the matching of wind farm planning and power planning, so as to realize the synchronous construction of wind power and power. We should strengthen the research and development of operation technology, and deeply study the characteristics of wind power. The characteristics of wind power are regular. We should make some predictions of wind energy resources and the construction and management of some power to adapt to the development of wind power

in addition, we should reasonably allocate resources, strengthen the cooperation between the existing flexible power sources such as hydropower and wind power, strengthen the construction of pumped storage power stations, and enhance the power system's ability to absorb wind energy. In terms of wind energy equipment, it is still necessary to strictly control the low-level expansion of the capacity of wind energy equipment. The so-called low-level expansion. Now that we have mass produced 1.5MW, we should not do 1.5MW. If there is a higher level, such as 3MW and 5MW, this should be supported. The core is to rely on some testing to open up international market equipment, testing and certification institutions to establish access institutions, make scientific judgments on some equipment enterprises, and analyze their technological maturity and existing risks. The second is to strengthen the management of wind power on bidding, because we are now affected by some policies, and the disorder of wind power equipment is closely combined with the protection of local governments. In order to cultivate their own new growth points, many places require equipment enterprises to establish equipment manufacturing plants locally, and the construction of wind farms locally requires the use of their equipment, which also causes some confusion to the layout of the wind power equipment market, It is also the reason for the disorderly expansion of current wind power equipment. Therefore, we should strengthen the management of wind power bidding, be fair, open and just, and unify the bidding market

third, strengthening the construction of testing and certification capabilities, truly improving the quality of wind power equipment and ensuring the healthy development of the industry is the most important measure for Jiuli special materials to work together with the general Steel Research Institute to develop new materials. It requires that future equipment must pass the certification of testing and certification institutions and the experiment of wind farms, so that wind power can be truly introduced to the market. At present, we still lack perfect mechanisms and relevant institutions, so many equipment are inspected and tested on site, and verified by actual work on site, which is the reason why we can't grasp the quality of this industry well now

fourth, support the localization of wind power equipment and encourage advantageous enterprises to become bigger and stronger. How to encourage advantageous enterprises to become bigger and stronger? In the past, we have adopted some bidding methods to set a threshold, and those who meet this threshold and meet the conditions will support it to continue to grow. We hope to aim at the current world-class equipment enterprises, such as Vestas, and cultivate some higher-level and stronger scale enterprises, so that our equipment manufacturing enterprises can also have several enterprises that can truly stand on the global wind power market and form internationally influential wind power enterprises, so as to make the industry develop continuously and healthily

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