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Creative skills of graphic information in packaging and decoration

the skills of packaging design are a comprehensive expression of many aspects, such as form, structure, material selection, production technology, graphics, text, color, etc. if only from a single aspect, this design will not be a perfect design. The packaging of goods is a silent salesman, which conveys information to consumers through its own image. As the packaging form of commodities, it can also give people a general information of commodities, such as beer bottles, beverage bottles, white wine bottles. People can know what kind of products they are at a glance. But for some special bottle types, if the label and instructions are removed, it is impossible to determine what kind of goods it is. Therefore, the graphic design of graphics and words on the package is very important. It shoulders the function of introducing the product name, contents, purpose, usage and so on to consumers. As a packaging designer, the graphic and text design of packaging can not be completed simply by relying on computer graphics and software font. The tear experiment of the electronic universal experimental machine for text, pattern, logo, pattern, illustration and painting must be carried out to find out the tear strength value, photos and other graphical things, as well as the color, arrangement, comprehensive and coordinated design, so as to make the goods unique, Appeal and visual impact, we are now only the most intuitive performance is that the scaly peak of the fixture is smoothed by the divisor. To explore the graphic information design skills of packaging and decoration

some novice packaging designers mostly pieced together in an unorganized way in packaging and decoration design, and did not pay attention to the design and arrangement of brand names, product names, and explanatory words. Integrate the information part of the package into your personal hobbies. Some treat brand names or product names very small and put them in the secondary position of packaging. For some commodities, the necessary text descriptions are arranged very unclear. The comprehensive evaluation of this design focuses on the display of pure technology, which is lack of connotation and intention, and it is difficult to achieve design creativity and expected results. The graphic information of packaging contains the connotation of national and regional culture, the connotation of enterprise philosophy, the connotation of commodity attributes, the psychological needs of consumer objects, and commodity market strategy, which are formed by the integration of various connotations

how to accurately, fully and perfectly express the graphic design of packaging, it is necessary to fully study the characteristics of goods. The center has more than 400 knowledge-based. No matter which kind of machine and equipment is used, it must carry out a series of factors such as the meaning of inspection staff, consumption object, regionality, brand and product name, and the current situation of similar products to determine which form and method to express

graphic design performance is divided into three types: 1. Concrete graphics: shaped in natural form, using photographic pictures, painting illustrations, such image, color, texture are more real, and stimulate the desire to buy. 2. Abstract graphics: it uses points, lines and surfaces to form graphics to express the attributes of goods and associate them with consumers. For example, the design of Coca Cola beverage "ripple graphics" is concise and lively, leaving a deep impression on people. 3. Allegorical figure: it is abstract concrete, concrete abstraction. It combines the graphic form of times, nations, regions and beliefs with commodities, and produces an image for people, such as the dragon and phoenix patterns of our country, symbolic architectural patterns, etc

the graphic design of packaging is divided into two categories: one is graphic trademark design, which requires the graphics to be original, have profound meaning, and have a novel aesthetic feeling different from other goods. The second is the auxiliary graphic design of commodity packaging decoration, which requires the graphics related to the packaged commodities to beautify the commodities and improve the commodity value

text plays a very important role in packaging visual communication design. It is not only an important means of conveying information, but also the main factor of visual appeal. It is also a key form of expression to shape commodity personalization and distinguish similar commodities

text plays a very important role in packaging visual communication design. It is not only an important means of conveying information, but also the main factor of visual appeal. It is also a key form of expression to shape commodity personalization and distinguish similar commodities

packaging text design is also divided into two categories: first, the design of text trademark and product name text. The readability of text trademark and product name text should be shaped according to the ideal characteristics, and integrated by means of combination, trade-offs, overlap, borrowing, exaggeration, stroke, thickness, thickness, balance of shape and so on. Second, the contents and words that must be indicated on the commodity packaging, such as: characteristics, ingredients, uses, usage, standards, weight, capacity, quantity, production date, shelf life, manufacturer (address,), advertising language, bar code, etc. the layout and arrangement of the words on the packaging should be carefully designed and reasonable and ingenious layout, which should be coordinated with the overall packaging

now we will introduce the packaging works of some goods from South Korea and Japan to you as a reference for discussion, so as to make our packaging design more standardized and exquisite

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