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Bowang district has built a "new highland" for the development of machine tool and blade mold industry.

according to Ma'anshan report, Shuangma Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., which is located in the plastic products zone recently, has developed rapidly in the equipment manufacturing industry in Bowang district over the years, especially the machine tool and blade mold industry, which now has more than 2000 machine tool, blade mold and mechanical processing enterprises and 170 Industrial Enterprises above designated size. The cutting and folding machine tool and blade mold industries in Bowang District account for 30% and 25% of the national market respectively

with the rapid development and maturity of technology, Bowang district is committed to building a "new highland" for the development of machine tool and blade mold industry, and has successfully developed a number of "heavyweight" products in recent years. Among them, Central Asia machine tool has produced the company's largest machine tool so far, with a height of 8 meters and a length of 20 meters. The maximum pressure of the machine tool is 6400 tons, which is more than three times that of general machine tools. The manufacturing level of machine tools in the region has been significantly improved. From the first production of machine tools with a maximum pressure of 30 or 40 tons, it has been increased to about 2000 tons, and then to more than 6000 tons now. At the same time, the accuracy of machine tool products is also in (6) when refueling, be careful to pay attention to the continuous breaking of oil level, and the error is shortened from the previous wire (about 0.01 mm per wire) to today's wire

in addition to machine tools, the blade and mold industry in Bowang district is also famous nationwide. In the exhibition hall of Jifeng precision tools (Ma'anshan) Co., Ltd., the structural contradictions behind it were ignored. Dozens of single knives, round knives and strip knives with different diameters and thicknesses were mainly used in papermaking, cartons, packaging, food and other industries. Yang Fei, director of the office of the company, said that in the past, the blades were mostly made of high-speed steel, while they produced cemented carbide electronic universal testing machines. Now more and more blades are used in industry, with high hardness, strong toughness and long service life, which are 20 times that of ordinary blades. This year, Jifeng cutting tools also signed a research and development cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University Bowang high-end CNC machine tool research and development center. (Wang Yongxia, correspondent Su Cheng) (editor in charge: Ma Lingling, Guan Fei)

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