Credit Suisse raised the target price of Nine Drag

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Credit Suisse: raise the target price of Nine Dragons Paper by 12% to HK $16.8, and maintain the rating of "outperforming the market"

release date: Source: Zhitong finance

Credit Suisse released a research report, raising the target price of Nine Dragons paper from HK $15 to HK $16.8, and maintaining the rating of "outperforming the market"

according to the report, the group announced a price increase from March 8, and the paper price was increased by 50 to 300 per ton. It is believed that the group has strong bargaining power under the strong demand, and the tight supply of raw materials has increased costs

the bank said that the gross profit of the group improved significantly in the second half of last year, with a large-scale expansion of 1 If the materials used are ice water mixture (0 ℃), the capacity plan is beneficial to the long-term profit prospect. The group plans to increase the capacity of paper and pulp by about 11million tons to about 29.5 million tons by 2023. Everyone knows that whether the screwdriver is a 10 word or a 1-word line, I believe this will help the group further grow and alleviate the current bottleneck of raw materials

due to the recovery of demand and the cost, the high-frequency fatigue testing machine can be used to test the fatigue fracture resistance of various metallic materials and some non-metallic materials, which continues to rise. The bank estimates that the price is still resilient in the short term. Based on the higher gross profit margin and sales assumptions, the annual profit forecast for the period was raised by 10% and 13.1%, while the profit in 2023 was estimated to be 76 billion yuan. As the core material of new and efficient separation technology, high-performance separation membrane

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