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Diren Huacheng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with two Chinese enterprises

on October 12, Diren Huacheng Co., Ltd., a large Japanese resin manufacturer, held a press conference in Shanghai and announced that it had reached a cooperation agreement with Mianyang Longhua Film Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Ogilvy optical materials Co., Ltd., China's leading PC resin manufacturers, on the production and sales of panlite plates. Diao Ruiming, chairman of yanglonghua Film Co., Ltd., and Ren yuezhang, chairman and general manager of Suzhou Ogilvy optical materials Co., Ltd., attended the press conference

at the press conference, Mr. Sakai and Yuki introduced the basic situation of trilateral cooperation. According to the cooperation agreement, Diren Huacheng company will provide Mianyang Longhua and Suzhou Ogilvy with the special PC resin raw material panlite manufactured with independent formula development technology and the production technology of high-quality thin plate. The two companies will carry out the production and sales of PC resin plate with panlite as the trademark in China. As the first step of the plan for this tripartite cooperation, which is particularly outstanding for the dynamic fatigue testing machine and the electro-hydraulic servo message universal testing machine, Diren Huacheng company decided to entrust Mianyang Longhua company to produce and sell the insulating film products coated in the power part of LCD TV, and entrusted Suzhou Ogilvy & Mather company to produce and sell the plates for automotive dashboard, And in the future, we will continue to expand the relevant committees. The elimination method is to remove the production business of the dial glass holder

(from left) Ren yuezhang, chairman and general manager of Suzhou Ogilvy optical materials Co., Ltd., Sakai Hexing, chairman and general manager of Teijin Chemical Co., Ltd., and Diao Ruiming, chairman of Mianyang Longhua Film Co., Ltd., took a group photo at the press conference, looking forward to the success of this tripartite cooperation.

according to reports, Teijin chemical is the PC resin manufacturer with the largest market share in Asia, and Teijin attaches importance to the development of the Chinese market, And regard it as the key area to expand sales in the future. Through the cooperation mode of three companies, teiren plans to provide better services for Chinese customers, effectively reduce operating costs, enhance competitiveness in the Chinese market, quickly establish a cost competitive "plate" production and sales system in the Chinese market, and hopes to achieve a 10000 ton/year pan in China in the future. Welcome to learn about our annual sales target of Lite plates

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