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Emerson won the title of "industrial IOT company of the year" for the third consecutive year

Emerson (NYSE: EMR), a global automation technology and engineering company in St. Louis, Missouri (January 3, 2020), won the title of industrial IOT company of the year selected by the Organizing Committee of IOT breakthrough Award for three consecutive years

this honor recognizes Emerson's commitment to helping customers in the chemical, life sciences, power, oil and natural gas and other manufacturing industries develop and implement a practical digital torsion testing machine's safety protection common sense and maintenance method transformation strategy. Emerson recently established a new and specialized digital transformation business unit, which combines the company's leading sensing technology, operation analysis and extensive service capabilities to provide targeted digital solutions to the challenges faced by customers

in the selection of 2020, the Organizing Committee of IOT breakthrough award received more than 3700 nominations. The honor aims to recognize companies, technologies and products that stand out in the IOT fields such as industry, enterprises, consumers and smart homes worldwide. The jury is composed of IOT professionals and experts, including, analysts and technical professionals, who have rich practical experience in the IOT market

industrial Internet of things (iiot) can help realize the step change of enterprise performance, but many companies lack a clear way to achieve this goal, which will be of great help to staff after reading it. A recent Emerson survey shows that more than 70% of companies pay little attention to data analysis and do not have a clearly defined roadmap for success. The new Emerson digital transformation business effectively integrates key resources with existing expertise in consulting, project implementation, intelligent sensing technology, data management and analysis, and helps manufacturers develop and implement pragmatic digital transformation strategies

the field of industrial IOT is bustling, sometimes at a loss. Therefore, our goal is to help customers achieve measurable business improvement through focused strategies and related technologies. Stuart Harris, President of Emerson's digital transformation business unit, said. This honor should be shut down with windows before cutting off the power supply; Turning off the oil pump and bringing the oil cylinder to the bottom further recognizes our leadership and proves that our ability can bring measurable results

to help customers realize their commitment to digital transformation, Emerson's PlantWeb digital ecosystem adopts a structured and scalable approach to help enterprises focus on key areas and develop a practical roadmap according to business needs and readiness. This is crucial, because according to the same Emerson survey, only 26% of respondents are starting to increase the pilot of digital transformation, which hinders the potential for large-scale improvement of new technologies

through strategic partnerships, investment and innovation, Emerson continues to expand its PlantWeb capabilities and build a deep and extensive operational analysis portfolio in the industry. These dedicated resources will jointly help and guide customers to formulate correct digital transformation strategies and plans, and accelerate the achievement of benchmark performance

the industrial IOT market is full of confusing commitments and complex problems, and enterprises hope to innovate and develop new technologies while making full use of existing investments, said James Johnson, managing director of the IOT breakthrough award organizing committee. Emerson is breaking through the crowded market as a real leader in industrial automation, and is committed to fully cooperating with customers to help them determine and implement a practical digital transformation path. Some recent developments of Emerson have opened the door of hope for those enterprises that may not be able to control the process of digital transformation. We are very honored to award Emerson the title of 2020 industrial IOT company

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