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Teijin launched a formal dress made of polyurethane blend fabric in spring and summer.

recently, Japanese teiren fiber launched formal dress fabric materials for spring and summer 2011. This new fabric combines the quality made in Japan with the production and processing of raw materials in Thailand, highlighting the advantages of quality and price

the company pointed out that the market has a high demand for products with both high quality and low price. Jacquard technology is added to the renewable polyester fiber "eco pet plus" fabric, and the acetate fiber mixed "new material industry" includes new materials and their related products and technical equipment. The spinning "rine do tightening experiment is carried out between the table of the host and the moving beam" also adds a comfortable twill style. In order to cooperate with the environmental recycling system "ecocircle" of fabrics, the blending proportion of the above fabrics is unified. At the same time, strengthen the functional demands of special twist BBZ. The yarn is full in volume, and the woven fabric has a crisp feeling, which is very suitable for the processing and production of ultra-thin dresses. In order to meet the needs of the dress market for sweat absorption, quick drying function and washability, the company has also successfully developed a fabric "corticobk" that can be dyed and processed in dark color

among the many fabric varieties produced in Thailand, the main products are pamio, Milpa and sill blackbiz. At the same time, its factory in Thailand also has the conditions to produce polyurethane blended fabrics. Following the launch of business suits and dresses in the Southeast Asian market, the company plans to strengthen the promotion of dark dress products in the market of this region

the company plans to give full play to the characteristics of its independently developed product "polymer" in terms of fashion fabrics. At the same time, through the newly developed dyeable V4 and BBV with excellent color rendering, the color rendering and drape texture of its fabrics are highlighted. In addition to high count light and thin fabrics, the company will also expand its thick and straight medium thickness fabric product line

the mood has also been improved. V4 products mainly highlight the composite fabric varieties of many new materials, such as modal, coupura, etc. Sanddunes features dryness and natural feel. Silfill's fabric highlights its crisp appearance and gloss. This product is a high-density fabric made of 80 Daniel yarn

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