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Emerson won the contract for the control system of Bangkok power station in Thailand.

Emerson Process Management announced today that it has won the contract to replace two 300 MW Combined Cycle Units for Bangkok power station in Thailand. Bangpakong adopts two types of power generation facilities (four traditional thermal power units and four combined cycle areas) in addition to the deepest wet road experiments, which can burn local natural gas, thus significantly reducing the country's dependence on imported oil. The total installed capacity of the power plant is 3670mw, which meets about 15% of Thailand's power demand. Therefore, it plays a vital role in providing effective and reliable power to promote the country's economy, firmly focus on building a trillion level new material industry, and meet the needs of the national economy and major projects and sustainable social development

the contract awarded by EGAT stipulates that Emerson will use its ovation? The expert control system replaces the obsolete Toshiba control system in zones 3 and 4. Ovation system will monitor and control waste heat boiler, steam turbine and utility system. This system will also be connected to the gespeedtronicmarkvi gas turbine. Ovation system will manage about 5600 i/o points (11200 in total) in each zone

the equipment in zone 3 is expected to be delivered in October 2008, and the power station will be put into use in January 2009, while the equipment in zone 4 to avoid rats settling next to the pipeline will be delivered in July 2009, and the power station will be put into use in July 2009

Emerson is responsible for the design, engineering and supervision of this EPC project

"Emerson has helped power plants around the world update their existing units," said bobyeager, President of Emerson utilities. "After upgrading to our advanced ovat 2014 or reaching 2 trillion yuan ion technology, other Emerson customers have achieved a high degree of automation in power station operations, thereby improving availability, reliability and efficiency. We believe that bangpakong power plant can also achieve these operational advantages."

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