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A design method of modern packaging

the interaction of many factors of modern humanities tends to be more diversified and open. Especially in the field of packaging design, in addition to reflecting the rich cultural connotation of the brand, it is also necessary to deal with the way of agreement. With the development of the times, add more fresh graphics, symbols and other elements into it

1. Graphics are an important part of packaging design. From concrete to abstract, from people, animals, plants to all objects in nature, packaging graphics are all inclusive. And its forms of expression are also extremely rich. The generalization of the three basic elements of form, color and quality is conducive to the visual form and formal expression of packaging

2. Graphic design can be achieved through the processing of images, symbols and words in packaging, changes in form and structure, and strong visual effects and rich meanings can better express the personality of goods. Many designers take graphics as an important expression factor in packaging design

3. Good packaging will make consumers buy the product because they are attracted by the packaging design of the product, which is represented by graphics. In these personalized performances, designers often need to find creative elements from novel and rebellious graphics, and apply graphics with strong visual imitation flocking materials, which means adding plant fiber point impact to modified polypropylene materials, to modern packaging, thus injecting new forms and ideas into them

4. Packaging design should adapt to the entertainment, culture and knowledge required by the consumer market. These three aspects can be realized in modern packaging design. Designers often grasp the most fashionable elements of society to create, and use the most cutting-edge graphics through the law of formal beauty. Therefore, this weak signal must be expanded to the packaging through the enlarger, and novel ideas continue to emerge. Such as beauties and guns, elephants and girls. Because these graphics have a strong visual effect, they can make the contents of the package show on the package in a humorous, humorous or pretentious image, better draw consumers closer, and thus produce relaxed and beautiful associations, and better meet the visual needs of people who consume a lot of mechanical wear, especially young consumers

5. Modern style graphics are a mainstream in packaging design, which stimulates people's novel visual sense. According to the characteristics of the packaging content, with the help of modern style graphics, the packaging design is more cultural, novel and unique, and also represents a way of life

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