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Emerson Yirui TM solution, the construction of computer room shows its strength

with the advent and development of computers in the middle of the last century, computer rooms have also been born and developed vigorously. As the home of computer, computer room has gone through the early stage of exploration and construction, and experienced the period of rapid development in the middle and late stages. During this period, the powerful power system, environmental regulation system and monitoring management system were successively adopted, and the reliability of the system was greatly improved. It equipment is becoming increasingly miniaturized, highly integrated, virtualized and racked. How to build a network room, the nerve center of an enterprise, is becoming a difficult problem for many CIOs

first of all, with the rapid development of IT technology and the high integration between mobile communication and Internet services, the network information system of enterprises is facing the problem of continuous capacity expansion, so a more flexible computer room construction scheme is needed; Secondly, with the increasing redundancy of equipment in the computer room, the density of the computer room is also increasing, and the stretched space of the computer room becomes more precious; Third, the complex IT equipment in the computer room leads to complex cable and power distribution projects, so corresponding management is urgently needed; In addition, virtualization technology and rack and blade servers are more and more widely used in small and medium-sized computer rooms. Therefore, the construction of computer rooms needs to integrate the corresponding network energy system to meet the needs of the diversified construction of small and medium-sized computer rooms. Many factors have led to the birth of the cabinet type machine room

cabinet type machine room, as the name suggests, is that the cabinet itself can become a machine room. The cabinet, like the computer room, limits the physical space, including the elements that increase the profits of most enterprises in the industry in the computer room: it core equipment, power supply and distribution system, monitoring system, environmental regulation system, cable management system, and so on. For example, Emerson Network Energy's IT solution Yirui solution is a typical representative of this computer room construction mode. Due to the following characteristics, the cabinet type machine room meets the needs of enterprise development and conforms to the development trend of the industry, so it is becoming the mainstream mode of small and medium-sized machine room construction

first of all, the cabinet type machine room greatly saves precious machine room space and facilitates capacity expansion. The cabinet type machine room integrates the complex color, structure and feel of the machine room equipment into a small cabinet, especially for the construction of small and medium-sized machine rooms, which is more direct. If some enterprises do not have special room space, an independent cabinet with complete internal organs can be used as a micro room. Here, the space problem will be solved. With the same principle, the expansion can be completed by adding cabinets directly, which is more flexible and convenient. This is also an important consideration of IT solution Yirui solution

this is one of the largest integrated robots in history. Secondly, the cabinet type machine room greatly facilitates monitoring and management. At the initial stage of the development of IT solution easy Rui solution, Emerson Network Energy's technology and R & D personnel made a scientific and detailed analysis of the current situation of this industry, gave full play to the company's technical and experience advantages in monitoring solutions, and launched rdu-a cabinet monitoring unit with excellent performance and advanced and easy-to-use temperature and humidity sensors, turning the short board in the construction of small and medium-sized computer rooms into a strong one

third, the cabinet type machine room greatly facilitates the management of cables. Through the scientific deployment in a single cabinet, the cabinet type machine room solves this problem well. For example, the cabinet of IT solution Yirui solution is compatible with the up and down wiring mode, which greatly facilitates the on-site wiring; The cabinet power distribution unit PDU is plug and play, and is compatible with both vertical and horizontal methods. In addition, it is also equipped with small accessories such as horizontal cable management unit and self-adhesive binding tape, which eliminates the disorder of cables and presents a meticulous situation

fourth, the cabinet type machine room also greatly facilitates the installation and maintenance of equipment and saves the investment of enterprises. For example, it solution easy Rui solution, because the cabinet is the basic unit of computer room construction, and the cabinet adopts the combined full assembly design, all modules can be easily disassembled, easy to transport, storage and installation; A variety of cabinet sizes and components are provided, which can be flexibly configured according to different application requirements; Single door opening is compatible with left and right door opening, which is convenient for the site to adjust the door opening direction according to needs; The side plate adopts the upper and lower plate design, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. This fully assembled and modular feature also brings convenience to maintenance

cabinet type machine room is a new concept of machine room construction. It abandons the traditional idea of computer room construction. Instead of taking independent equipment as a unit and being bound by complex equipment, it takes the cabinet as a unit to shrink the huge and complex computer room equipment and the corresponding management and maintenance into a cabinet, jump outside Lushan Mountain, and understand its true face, thus opening a Xintiandi for the construction of enterprise computer rooms, especially small and medium-sized computer rooms. It can be seen that at present and in the foreseeable future, it must be an era when the cabinet type machine room construction mode such as Emerson Network energy it solution Yirui solution will play its role

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