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Teijin group and China chemical fiber association signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement

on March 28, teiren group and China Chemical Fiber Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Chemical Fiber Association") officially reached a cooperation consensus. This is the first time that China Chemical Fiber Association has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with foreign private enterprises, which will play an exemplary role in the cooperation between China's chemical fiber industry and multinational companies

according to the introduction, Diren group has positioned China as one of the most critical markets in the medium and long-term growth strategy, and hopes to expand its business by establishing strategic cooperative relations with Chinese enterprises, expanding production and R & D bases, and promoting environmental protection business

according to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will achieve a win-win situation through close cooperation and project promotion in China. The China Chemical Fiber Association will introduce the excellent enterprises in Chinese Mainland and the companies of Diren group to increase the utilization rate of steel from 90% to 95%, and the income of new material industry in Hubei Province will reach 500billion yuan, so as to promote the high added value, differentiation, improvement of production efficiency, development and popularization of high-performance fibers in China, Cultivate distinctive projects, contribute to the realization of sustainable development society by reducing the load on the environment, and negotiate in the fields of building a recycling recycling system

among them, the project of building a recycling recycling system for polyester fiber products has entered a specific negotiation stage. This time, Teijin group and Zhejiang Jiabao New Fiber Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Seiko Group Co., Ltd., reached a cooperation intention on using Teijin group's world's most cutting-edge chemical recycling technology. At the same time, the two sides will also learn from the business model experience developed by Teijin company in the process of applying the recycling recycling system "eco cycle", and cooperate to promote the construction of a recycling recycling system in China. Not only the structure and nature requirements are different

although China's chemical fiber output has accounted for more than 60% of the world at present, in the face of the rising prices of raw materials and fuels in recent years, and the increasing call for a low-carbon society and environmental protection, China's chemical fiber industry is facing great challenges of transformation and upgrading, and it is necessary to further improve the competitiveness of the industry through product differentiation and increasing product added value. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, developing high-performance products and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction are the key tasks of China's chemical fiber industry

AKI Chengnan, a representative of Teijin Co., Ltd., firmly believes that in the fast-growing Chinese market, Teijin can work with local enterprises to jointly develop in China. Duanxiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Association, believes that cooperation with advanced enterprises with greater advantages will help promote the development of China's chemical fiber industry. The intention to cooperate with Diren group this time is the first step taken by China Chemical Fiber Association for this purpose

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