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2009: a difficult year for high-performance pigment manufacturers

manufacturers of high-performance pigments (HPP) are facing a challenging 2010. Since the beginning of the financial crisis, the sluggish U.S. real estate industry and the deteriorating U.S. automobile manufacturing industry have both experienced a shrinking market and output, resulting in a continuous reduction in the demand for high-performance pigments

after joining BASF family, Ciba recently launched the latest xycare fireball effect pigment

said falkoorlowski, North America business manager of Clariant coating business department, "The two pillar industries of coatings, real estate and automobile, have been hit hard in the financial crisis. The demand for high-performance pigments in these two industries has declined to a great extent after carefully reading this manual." In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the paint market, most paint manufacturers are trying to find solutions to improve cost-effectiveness. Obviously, this is good news for high-performance pigments. For high-end architectural decoration coatings, high-performance pigments may have market growth in the future

according to thierrychevrier, vice president of BASF dispersion and pigment North America, the demand for high-performance pigments and special effect pigments has been weak since the first quarter of 2009, which is also similar to the economic trend in North America. He said, "although the financial situation is steep, for BASF, our team is very optimistic about the U.S. government's economic stimulus plan, which will have the effect of improving the economy in the market at the end of 2010."

"high performance and special effect pigments are inseparable from coatings," said mikemchenry, head of the Americas Division of Ciba pigment department, "As we expected, in the field of automobile manufacturers and other durable goods, the demand for high-performance and special effect pigments that can be annealed after forming has declined. However, we also see that high-performance and special effect pigments are widely used in home appliances and electronics 1 machine, which means that a tensile testing machine can complete the stretching of materials, and the packaging market still has room for growth. Because color drives consumers to buy An important factor of wish, high-performance pigments and special effect pigments can just help our customers show color effects consistent with their marketing positioning, which is also one of the most basic elements that product suppliers differ from competitors. "

rickcampbell, general manager of TRUSTCHEM in the United States, also said, "When the financial storm raged, we found that the sales of high-performance pigments fell sharply. For TRUSTCHEM, the sales decline of high-performance pigments was significantly less than that of traditional pigment products. Even we found that there were many problems caused by plastics. At present, the sales of high-performance pigments in the ink field was higher than that in the paint field."

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