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Emerson won China's largest supercritical power plant control system contract

the PlantWeb digital plant control scheme with ovation expert control system and foundation fieldbus technology will be applied to two 1000MW units in Zouxian Power Plant to meet China's growing power demand. 2.3 it has good chemical stability to heat, oxidation, hydrolysis, etc

Pittsburgh (February 15, 2006) - Emerson Process Management announced that it had won the control system contract for #7 and #8 units of Zouxian Power Plant. The PlantWeb digital factory control structure composed of ovation expert control system and foundation fieldbus technology will be applied to these two 1000MW units. Zouxian Power Plant Phase 4 project belongs to China Huadian Group. This contribution to PetroChina's efforts in the development of high-end polyethylene new products is the first project in China to install Foundation Fieldbus equipment in power plants for monitoring and process control. Foundation fieldbus is an important core part of the management and control structure of Emerson Process Management PlantWeb digital factory. It has thousands of practical applications in various industries around the world. It can really save costs and improve operational efficiency for factories. China Huadian Group adopted the foundation fieldbus and PlantWeb technology on Zouxian No. 7 and No. 8 units, which shows that these advanced technologies are being further applied in the power industry

Zouxian Power Plant will therefore become one of China's first ultra supercritical power plants with a single installed capacity of 1000MW. T by adopting the most advanced clean coal power generation technology, the power plant will operate under high steam temperature and pressure conditions, the efficiency of coal-fired power generation can be increased by 50%, and the pollution to the environment can be greatly reduced. Supercritical technology will be widely used in China. After the completion of Zouxian phase 4 project in 2007, Zouxian Power Plant will also become the largest coal-fired power plant in China, with a total installed capacity of 4540mw for eight units. Zouxian Power Plant is located in Shandong Province. It is a strategic deployment of China Huadian Group to meet the power demand in this region

"since supercritical technology is adopted for the first time, we need control experts with professional technology to provide advanced and reliable control schemes." Senior engineer of Zouxian Power Plant of Huadian Group Zhang Hua, director of thermal control of the preparatory office, said: "Emerson is an expert in advanced control solutions. As early as Zouxian Power Plant 5, Emerson's control system was introduced in the following aspects:

Emerson's control system has been applied to unit 6.

Emerson's control system includes 64 redundant controllers, 24 sets of ovation workstations, intelligent device management software in AMS suite device management software, and more than 130 Foundation Fieldbus intelligent instruments, including Rosemount 848t temperature change Transmitter, Fisher and Rosemount intelligent field devices. Ovation electronic is a new product developed in recent years. The system will manage more than 30000 i/o points and realize data acquisition, monitoring and control of boilers, steam turbines and peripheral equipment. Unit 7 is expected to be put into operation in August 2007, and unit 8 will be put into operation in December 2007. Emerson's power water solutions will be responsible for coordinating and managing this $3million project

"Emerson is committed to providing satisfactory control solutions for power users. Through the PlantWeb digital factory management and control structure, it can improve the equipment availability, thermal efficiency and operation efficiency of power plants, reduce maintenance costs and other operation costs, and finally improve the operating income of power plants," said Bob Yeager, President of Emerson's power water solutions: "Zouxian Power Plant Units 7 and 8 adopt advanced PlantWeb technology, which enables China Huadian Group to make full use of the units equipped with highly automatic and technologically advanced control systems to realize real benefits."

the intelligent prediction function of PlantWeb digital control structure can find problems before faults occur, so as to avoid unplanned downtime and faults of units, and optimize the operation efficiency of power stations. Ovation expert control system is specially designed for the power industry to help solve the various challenges it faces. It integrates various advanced technologies leading in the industry. Including embedded advanced control algorithm; High speed Ethernet to realize rapid information communication and handle key tasks; Powerful controller with the fastest load operation cycle; And various analog and digital i/o modules specially for steam turbines and boilers. The intelligent prediction function of Emerson AMS equipment management software will further improve the availability and operation efficiency of power plant equipment. Collect and analyze the real-time prediction and diagnosis information from the field equipment to provide a real-time display window for the operation of the power plant, which is conducive to making decisions quickly

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