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Teijin exhibited new products of carbon fiber composites

DONGBANG Tenax Co., Ltd., which operates carbon fiber and its composites business for your reference, and Teijin aramid Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which operates aramid fiber business, exhibited the latest fiber material technology and products

donetnex showed Tenax tpcl, a carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin sheet developed for Airbus' latest aircraft A350XWB, and introduced the latest thermoplastic carbon fiber composite (CFRTP) technology. In addition, bicycle wheels for sports made of ultra light carbon fiber and carbon fiber products for pressure vessels with great market potential were also displayed

Diren aramid trade (Shanghai) showed two kinds of dark black filament yarn. This kind of high modulus para aramid fiber can only produce yellow products in the past. Dark black filament yarn is suitable for sporting goods that require rigidity, high strength, light weight and beauty, such as sailing equipment, hockey clubs and motorcycle helmets. At the same time, other uses of aramid composites are also shown, such as geogrids, pressure vessels and insulating rods

teiren takes green chemistry as its main business and is committed to developing high-performance materials for energy conservation and environmental protection. The high-strength and high modulus carbon fiber and aramid fiber produced by it are usually combined with resin and used in a variety of lightweight products as composite materials. Emperor has positioned the Chinese market as one of the key markets for its future development, and will continue to expand its business in China in the future. The development of the new material industry will start a new journey in 2017

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