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The Volkswagen emperor died suddenly, and the golden age of the automotive industry is gone forever

on August 25, Ferdinand Piech, former chairman and CEO of Volkswagen Group, died of invalid rescue at a hospital in Bavaria, Germany, at the age of 82. According to local media reports, Piech was having dinner with his wife in a restaurant when he fainted

speaking of Piech, some people may think he is very strange, but if you say what he has done, the vast majority of people must have heard. As the grandson of Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche, Piech has a strong automotive pedigree since childhood and has a strong interest in cars

Piech also chose F1 (formula one) engine as his research direction during his master's degree in University; After graduation, he worked for the family company Porsche in Stuttgart, Germany. During his tenure, he began to emerge for the first time and participated in the research and development of Porsche 906, 917 and other models. Among them, 917 model is known as the most successful mass-produced track car in Porsche history and has become the "rennwagen Wunder" - Racing miracle among many people

after accumulating enough experience under Porsche, Piech, 35, went to Volkswagen Group to start his legendary life. When he was the chief R & D officer of Volkswagen at that time, Piech first led the development of Quattro all wheel drive system, the technology Audi relied on, and built Audi into the most successful luxury brand among Volkswagen's sub brands at that time

with the passage of time, Piech's position in the Volkswagen Group has also risen; In 1993, when Volkswagen was in the dilemma of quality problems and losses, he was elected as the CEO of Volkswagen Group and began to make every effort to promote modular production technology in Volkswagen Group. The selection and dedication of the shared parts ratio of Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen will be elevated to 65%, which greatly reduces the repeated losses caused by the internal operation of the group and turns losses into profits in the operation of the Volkswagen Group

after pulling the Volkswagen Group out of the quagmire, Piech turned his eyes back to his favorite car and continued to expand the business scope of the Volkswagen Group. In the most exaggerated year, Piech led Volkswagen Group to successively acquire Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini, the three top automobile brands. But it still maintained the overall profit of Volkswagen Group, so it became the chairman of the Volkswagen supervisory board in 2002 and stood at the top of Volkswagen Group

but Piech is not only called "emperor" because of his excellent leadership. His management style towards the public has always been known for his "vigorous and cronyistic" environmental impact assessment of the "310000 ton/year TDI technological transformation and capacity expansion project of Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd." commissioned by Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd. (the construction unit) by Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences (evaluation institution). Out of his obsession with cars, he has repeatedly ignored the protests of the board of directors and developed a number of models regardless of cost. Although many of them have become classics, among them (|), Bugatti Veyron and Audi (|) have also brought great losses to Volkswagen Group

such a high-pressure rule has also made Piech, and he has a large number of fanatical supporters within the company. However, in the mouth of the opponents, what they hear more is the voice of the "czar" and "dictatorship". Although many people have some complaints about his tough rule, it can't hide his excellent management ability: he leads the Volkswagen Group, which loses 1billion euros a year, into an auto empire with 2.6 billion euros a year and 12 brands

by 2012, Piech reached the highest point of his life at the age of 75. At that time, when the Porsche family launched the complete acquisition of Volkswagen Group, Piech led the supervisory committee and a group of Volkswagen investors to take advantage of their efforts to reverse the acquisition of the Porsche brand, which already owned 50% of Volkswagen's equity, so that Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes you to become one of Volkswagen's sub brands. Not only made the Volkswagen Group bigger, Piech also confirmed his position in the Porsche family. After all, the acquisition of Volkswagen by Porsche was presided over by his cousin Wolfgang Porsche

it may be that the anti takeover of Porsche has been completed, and Piech's character has become more "authoritarian". In the face of dissatisfied senior staff, he will find ways, but the manual fixture is different, forcing them to resign voluntarily. Even Martin Winterkorn, his successor who has been trained for many years, was included. However, this time, his old friend of the board of supervisors refused his request and stood behind windern. Then Piech, who realized that he had gradually lost control in the Volkswagen Group, resigned from his position as chairman of the board and left the Volkswagen Group where he had been for 43 years

however, after leaving Volkswagen, Piech seems to have changed back to the pure car man before, bought many top models, and often drove them to appear in public view. Among them are the world's only hardtop Porsche 918, Bugatti Veyron Supersport SS, the world's only Bugatti (|) and other models that allow every man to expand his blood

unfortunately, Piech, who had such a glorious life, fixed his life at the age of 82 and left it to a world-class car manufacturer. Although he has been closely intertwined with his family "Porsche family" all his life, his achievements are far more than any member of the Porsche family. He created not only a mass Empire, but also a golden age of the global automotive industry

after Marchionne, the head of the FCA, died last year, Piech was the second automotive leader to leave in a year. The former Marchionne was also ordered to save the FCA group in the face of danger, and the latter Piech was the same. They all contributed more than half of their lives to the development of the automotive industry. Under their leadership, a large number of classic models with different styles have emerged from many brands under their banner

with their departure, the automotive industry is currently undergoing the baptism of unmanned and electric. At least for now, the future automobile will no longer be as interesting as their era. The golden age of the automotive industry is really over

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