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On November 19, the broadcast gymnastics and tug of war for employees of Shougang Motoman robot company began at the stadium of the international enterprise culture park in the development zone. Six broadcasting bodies composed of employees from all departments of the company were shared with you, and six tug of war teams participated in the competition. After fierce competition, team 3 won the first place in the broadcast gymnastics competition, and team 6 and team 4 won the second place in the broadcast gymnastics competition

Shougang Motoman is a Sino Japanese joint venture company specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of industrial robots and their automated production lines. In the midst of intense and busy work, the company's labor union actively created conditions and organized employees to carry out 2) UPS discontinuous power supply responding to equipment; Various cultural and sports activities. In addition to organizing employees to carry out spring outings, autumn outings and the company's annual get-together, the company's employee Badminton Association and billiards association carry out activities all year round. In view of the characteristics of the company's large number of technicians and young people, the company adheres to the staff's intercession activities all year round, and purchases fitness supplies such as rope skipping and shuttlecock for employees, which are easy for employees to carry out activities according to local conditions

the staff broadcast gymnastics and tug of war competitions, and all departments carefully prepared and actively prepared. In the actual competition, each team wore a unified logo and ran in line. 2. In the actual work, they were neat and energetic, and the gymnastics movements were neat and powerful, showing a good spirit

The tug of war competition pushed this activity to a climax. The shouting of the staff on the stand and the cheering of the cheerleaders under the stand became one. The contestants worked together and competed bravely. The red rope bottle hanging in the middle of the tug of war rope was pulled to the left and right for a while. When it crossed the sign line on one side, the referee immediately whistled and ruled on the result of the game. After the knockout and finals, team 2 won the championship with absolute advantage and team 4 won the runner up

the sports exhibition activities interspersed in the middle of the tug of war brought joy to the employees. Each team has its own shortcomings, but its energy density is low. It launched martial arts, collective shuttlecock kicking, softball, collective rope skipping, single person double swing rope skipping and other projects, showing the vitality and style of the employees

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