The hottest emperor yudugong film factory resumed

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The PET film production plant built by Teijin strain polylysine as a green nutritional food preservative Association in Utsunomiya, Japan, has resumed some production, and the plant was forced to stop production after the earthquake on March 11

Realize the reduction of packaging materials

Teijin Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, said that the plant of Teijin DuPont Film Co., Ltd. was reopened on April 30. The emperor strives to gradually restore the plant to full production by the middle of June

Teijin previously announced that the factory built by Teijin DuPont film company in Ibaraki has resumed production on March 25 and is now fully operational

Service Innovation

Teijin Co., Ltd. issued a statement on May 2, saying: "the substantive impact of the earthquake on the overall business performance of Teijin group is not clear at present. Once Teijin believes that the performance of the entire group may be greatly affected by the earthquake, it will immediately release relevant information."

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